When can I start wearing boots?

BootsThis is one of the questions I got most often this time of year at Salt & Pepper. Keep in mind, this advice is primarily for folks in the southern states because for us here in Louisiana, it can – and will most likely be – quite warm until almost Christmas.

We had a bit of a cool snap on Saturday, so ladies like me who are itching to dip into our fall clothing options, pulled out boots and scarves and sweaters and wore as much of it as possible while we had the chance. Deep down inside, we knew that we’d have to wear something sleeveless by mid-week this week, but we were going to make the most of those 60-degree temps while we had them!

As I was thinking about which fall item I was itching to wear, I thought back on my time at S&P, and I thought about that ever popular question – When can I wear boots in Louisiana?

The fact of the matter is, I think you can start wearing boots in August – if you can stand it. For me, the fall season is in full swing once August arrives. I begin to put away and avoid the more summery things and start wearing more fall colors and items. However, it’s usually still HOT here, so I mix in whatever fall pieces I can stand. If I enjoyed taking outfit photos, I’d share a few here to show what I’m talking about. I’m really working on that, folks. (If you want to see some outfit options that I’m drooling over these days, check out my Fashionista board on Pinterest.)

When I start to pull out my boots, I typically start with a short pair. This isn’t some sort of “rule.” Instead, it’s usually just my way of getting to wear a boot when I’m ready to without sweating to death. So, if you’re ever dying to pull out your boots but it’s just a little too warm, I’d suggest starting with a shorter option. This has been my strategy for the last three years. I know this because I documented it on Instagram. After all, the day you get to pull out your boots is a day to celebrate!

If you just can’t resist that tall boot, go ahead and wear them! I completely understand what it’s like to miss those babies for months. If it’s still a little warm, pair them with shorts or a dress with bare legs. This usually gives you the chance to wear the boot while still not ignoring the fact that it’s still pretty warm outside.

So, if you’re wondering when you can pull your favorite boots out, I say do it now! If it’s still a little warm in your neck of the woods, try one of the options above. No matter how you wear them, it’s time to dust those puppies off!

September is in full swing and I’m loving it. If only it weren’t back to 90 degree temps already…

Also, if you’d like some suggestions on how to wear cuffed jeans with short boots, check out this post.

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