Re-Purposed Muffin Tins


Have some old crusty looking muffin tins?? It turns out that these make great organizers for your earrings! I was just about to toss these pans when I realized I could likely re-purpose them.

Re-Purposed Muffin Tins

Re-Purposed Muffin Tins
Here’s how to do it:
1. Clean the pans. Be sure the pans are clean and free of debris. Any extra granules or particles will show up after they’re painted and cause the paint to not stick.

2. Spray the bottom of the pans. I used Rust-oleum for metal spray paint in copper for my pans. You’ll want a paint that’s designed for metal. Otherwise, the paint will flake off too easily. I recommend starting with the bottoms because if there’s overspray from the top, it won’t matter as much.  I did two coats on the bottoms.

3. Spray the top of the pans. I did 3 light coats of paint. You have to be careful to not overspray while trying to get the paint into the cups. I held the can 7-8 inches from the pans and kept it moving, which seemed to help achieve an even coat while getting into the crevices. (Be sure to let the paint dry between each coat.)

4. Spray the pans with polyurethane. Be sure the paint is dry before spraying. I used Minwax fast-drying polyurethane and did 3 medium coats. This step isn’t mandatory. Although, adding the extra coating will help keep the paint from chipping after excessive use. It will also protect the paint from too much damage from pointy earring backs. Again, be sure to let it dry between coats. (I did not seal the bottoms…just the tops.)

5. Fill with goodies! After the pans are dry, fill them with earrings, craft supplies, or whatever your little heart desires. The shallow cups allow you to sort smaller items while still being ableto see your options clearly.

Re-Purposed Muffin Tins
Re-Purposed Muffin Tins
If you look closely, you’ll see that these aren’t done perfectly. It was a windy day, and I ended up with a bit of yard debris stuck to my wet paint. However, the important thing to note is that I could mark this project off of my list and that I ended up with a functional storage solution for my home. After all, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

Personally, I love seeing an everyday item repurposed into something more useful, especially when it was otherwise going to be trashed. Have you seen any other useful ideas lately? What else could these tins be used for? If you decide to re-purpose some old muffin pins, please share your finished product!

Side note: I’ve been planning this project for months and haven’t actually taken the time to do it. After joining #the100dayproject,I finally got it done! Happy crafting, everyone!

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