November Goals

November goalsFor the past two months, I’ve posted monthly goals here on the blog and I’ve had a ton of success with accomplishing things once I’ve shared them here with you. This month, I am simply thrilled to announce that I accomplished EVERY SINGLE ONE of my October goals!! If you’re not jumping up and down with me right now, then apparently we’re not really friends. I am seriously so pumped to be able to say that I got all of these things done (or at least mostly done) last month. Here’s a quick review:

  1. Put up fall/Halloween decor. Check!
  2. Host a Halloween party. Check!!
  3. Begin using the master bath. This barely happened, but I took my first bath in our bathroom this morning!
  4. Empty every box in the dining room. Done! And I think I should get to take the rest of the year off just for accomplishing this one.
  5. Bring the dining table in from storage. Check! (I don’t like it in the room like I thought I would, but it’ll do for now.)
  6. Do something with the boxes in the foyer. The stuff from these boxes doesn’t really have a permanent home, but the boxes are no longer there. I call that a win!
  7. Finish all kitchen boxes. There may be a few things in random cabinets, but there are no more boxes in the kitchen! Another win!
  8. Put down another rug. Done! I’m still in the market for a new living room rug. Send the fabulous ones my way!

As I began thinking about November goals, I realized that I didn’t really want to set too many goals for this month. Instead, I really wanted to focus on being in the moment. I love the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, so I shift into holiday mode as soon as November rolls around. I set a few small goals for the month, but my main goal is to attend all of the events and spend all of the time possible with family and friends. Besides drinking coffee and wearing sweaters, here’s what I’m hoping to do this month:

  1. Purchase five Christmas presents. Honestly, I should have more than five bought by the end of the month, but like I said above, I’m planning to take it easy on myself this month.
  2. Spend a week in Nashville while working as little as possible. The beauty of my business is that it can be done from practically anywhere. That can sometimes be a negative as it’s hard to get away and take a break. This will take a lot of pre-planning on my part and help from my coworkers, but I’m hoping to leave for a few days while my business keeps rolling along here.
  3. Find a coffee to brew at home. I haven’t talked much about my relationship with coffee here on the blog yet, but it’s coming. I’m a relatively new coffee drinker, and I can’t really make my own coffee to suit my taste. I’m going to be on a mission this month to make a coffee at home that I’ll actually drink. Wish me luck!
  4. Review my 2014 goals. I may end up pushing this one to December, but at some point, I’d like to spend a little bit of time looking back over what I wanted to accomplish this year.
  5. Finalize 2015 goals. Now this is one I’m excited about! I started working on my list in October, and I’ve actually already started working towards some of them. This is partially why I’m kind of over 2014 goals, but that’s ok. This month, I plan to decide which goals get to stay and which will go for 2015. It’s right around the corner, you know?!
  6. Enjoy this season. If you notice, none of this month’s goals are really house focused, which is quite the opposite of September and October. In last week’s post, I mentioned that I felt like I had finally hit a point where I could take a break and relax a little. Things felt ok around the house. While I’ll definitely continue to work on the house here and there, I plan to give myself a break. This month, I want to focus on making some memories and enjoying this lovely time of year. Who’s with me??

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