Happy Thanksgiving – Take two!

Happy Thanksgiving - Take two!So, Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is in full swing. This is when I should start sharing Christmas decor galore and all things holiday related. Well, I’ll likely do that, but not just yet. I want to focus on being thankful a little more.

As I laid in bed on Thanksgiving morning, sipped coffee and read while Matthew slept peaceful beside me, I realized that I had so much to be thankful for. My Thanksgiving Day post talked about how much I love stationary and the new ABM Happy Mail program. While totally honest and true, this post was a little tongue-in-cheek. I wanted to post about something trivial and unconventional, because everyone else would be making posts about their families and such. (Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m definitely thankful for those things too.) However, I wanted my post to be different, and the timing was perfect with the release of something that I am so happy about.

While in bed Thanksgiving morning, I text back and forth with sweet friends and commented on lots of Facebook statuses and photos (something I seldom take time to do, unfortunately). Then I realized something. I was/am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to lay in bed, sip coffee (with a new creamer!) and have the time to catch up with folks I care about. I hardly ever give myself this freedom, and I loved it.

On this Thanksgiving, I was thankful for not feeling guilty for taking a day off. (I almost always do.) I was thankful for having such a huge group of people that I truly care about…even if I don’t tell them regularly. I was thankful for this house that I feel comfortable and safe in. I was thankful for the resurgence of creativity that I’ve had lately. I was thankful for how SIMPLY AMAZING this year has been for my career (more on that later). I was thankful for the ability to buy Christmas presents for my friends and family and for having made such a great start on my shopping. I was thankful for my abilities…for the things I’m both amazing at and not-so-great at. I was thankful for in-laws who welcomed me in to their family…some people aren’t so lucky. I was thankful for the realizations that I’ve had over the last year. My personal growth has blown my mind a bit, and I’m thrilled about that. I was thankful for this online space to talk about what I’m thankful for…ha!

Most of all, I was thankful for the opportunity to sit and think about all of the positive things in my life. It’s so incredibly easy to get bogged down by the negative sometimes. Having a day that’s focused on thankfulness is a good reminder to keep your life in perspective. If you didn’t get a chance to think about the things that make your life amazing, do it now! This doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) a one-day-a-year activity. We all have so many things to be thankful for, both big and small. Make a list if you need to. Turn you phone off for a bit and really sit and think about how lucky you are. If you need my help pointing out some positives, feel free to ask! I’d be happy to help you rediscover the brighter side of things.

Let’s use this holiday season to focus on how amazing our lives are and to share some joy with others. Happy Holidays! (That’s appropriate since it’s technically Christmas, and I’m still talking about Thanksgiving!)

Up next – something Christmas related, I’m sure!

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