Easy Goals for October

purple-mums-for-fallIt’s October! And thankfully it feels a little like October here in Louisiana. With each passing day, we settle back into routines and life feels a bit more settled and normal. For us, September was about trying to get to a stable place and now, I want October to be about getting comfortable, settling in, and resting a bit from the chaos of the last several months. If I had to set an intention for this month, I’d say – I intend for this month to be about fun, friends/family, and celebrating where we are today. I intend to take the month off from hard work on the house.

So far, I’m drinking all the pumpkin spice things, wearing socks with boots, and squeezing in a bit of flannel any time I can. Here’s a few other things I hope to do this month:

  • Make a business move for Firecracker – The Store. Get excited!!
  • Spend ample time with friends and family as opportunities arise.
  • Maybe host a Halloween party?
  • Make self-care a part of my routine….at least 4 focused, intentional efforts a week.
  • Make my homemade chili!

Clearly, I’m stacking the cards a little lightly for the month of October. And that’s fantastic. Remember, setting goals doesn’t always have to mean conquering new heights or accomplishing all the things. It’s perfectly acceptable to set goals that are simple, easy, and even fun! That’s what I’m doing this month, and you should never feel like all goals must be hard or monumental.

Since last month was my first time setting monthly goals in a bit, here’s a look back at how I did.

  • Blog 2x per week. – I met this goal except for the LAST POST OF THE MONTH. So frustrating, yet when you look at the big picture, I made 8 of the 9 intended posts after not blogging regularly for 6+ months. I’m giving myself some grace on this one.
  • Finish the hall bath. – DONE! (A quick tour is coming up on Thursday.)
  • Host a party! – DONE!
  • Launch the social media for Firecracker – The Store. – DONE! Now, to just get a schedule and process in place.
  • Paint one painting. – I did not get this done. I did prop a canvas up where I want it to go…that count??

There you have it. I got some things done and didn’t quite get to others. And that’s ok! Life feels good right now…slower and less stressful that where we’ve been. The weather is cooling off and I’m feeling more like myself again. Cheers to all of the above!

What are your plans for October??



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