Dear May, I love you.

Top Agent, Pamela PetrusMay was the most fantastic month. Big things happened around here. During the month of May, I closed 14 houses for a volume of over $1,100,000! This number put me as the #3 agent in our office for this month (out of over 100 agents). I was also the #6 agent in our entire market with hundreds of agents. I definitely don’t mean to brag but this is such an amazing accomplishment, and I’m so excited!

I also post this to say that I am incredibly thankful to have everyone’s support in this journey. I would not been able to accomplish such things in one month without you all sending business my way. (Remember, if someone is looking for a new house, call me first so I can help them! They don’t even have to pay me!) Most of my May transactions were from friends and family calling me to let me know of someone looking for a home. This means the world to me! I simply cannot succeed in this business without you all spreading the word for me. You’ve done that, and I’m THANKFUL! If I could drive to each of you and hug your neck, I’d do it!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please keep the referrals coming. I’m looking forward to a successful June too!

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