Cabin Fever

Walking on the nature trailWhen I shared details of our handmade Christmas, I mentioned Matthew and I taking a little trip as our gift to each other. This trip had to meet a few guidelines.

  1. It had to be within a relatively short driving distance. Neither of us could take much time off work.
  2. It needed to be somewhat inexpensive. We hadn’t budgeted for a big trip, so this trip should ideally only cost the amount of money that our Christmas presents would have.
  3. It’s sole purpose should be a chance for us to spend quality time together and reconnect. Most of our trips are to explore and see/do as much as possible.

Matthew & IWe started with a list of 10 places and narrowed it down to 3 or 4 that we kept gravitating to. Finally, I stumbled across the cabins at Jimmie Davis State Park and decided that it fit all of our goals perfectly! While it wasn’t even on the original list, it was only an hour away, relatively inexpensive, and offered plenty of solitude and opportunity to relax.

On New Years Eve, we invited some friends to come and celebrate with us. We played board games, discussed resolutions, and stayed up late. We talked about what 2013 entailed and our hopes for this new year.

AgricolaAfter our friends left, Matthew and I took naps, laid around in our PJs, and played more board games. We didn’t use our cell phones or watch any TV. We stared out over the beautiful Lake Caney and soaked up the quietness and solitude. Before leaving the park, we walked the Soggy Bottom Trail to enjoy a little more nature before heading home. I love nature walks!

All in all, this short trip was a major relief for the both of us. It was great to have a couple of days away from the “real world” and just be together.

Nature TrailIf you’re looking for a great little space to get away to, I’d highly recommend this park. It was very clean and well-maintained and just what the doctor ordered for Matthew and I.

We’re home now and several days into this new year. I guess it’s time to get back to reality. As a matter of fact, it’s time to get cracking on those 2014 goals. I have big hopes and dreams for this year, and this little trip was just what I needed to get focused and energized.

fireplaceWhat’s your favorite place to sneak away to when you need to recharge? We’re always looking for places to try, so please leave a suggestion!

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