5 Tips for Turning Bad Days Into Good Ones

5 Tips for Turning Bad Days Into Good Ones
Let’s face it. We all have those days. The days I’m talking about are those days when your mood is just foul. You don’t want to get off the couch. You don’t want to see or talk to anyone. And most likely you’re not exactly a joy to be around.

Well, I just recently had one of those days. Usually writing for this blog can cure most of my bad days, but for some reason, this day was just unfixable. I didn’t even want to write! Gasp! I didn’t want to work on any of my fun projects or do any of the things I usually want to do. Eventually I started to snap out of it, but it made me think about what sorts of things I usually do to kick those sorts of days to the curb.

I’m not one for wallowing or whining. (Things that I say to my husband absolutely do not count in regards to that statement. I can wallow and whine to him all day long….sorry, honey!) I’m a firm believer that you control your own life, which translates into you having complete control over how every single one of your days transpire. So, when I notice that I’m having a crummy and unproductive day, I try my best to remedy it immediately.

Here are a few tips for turning those days around quickly and easily:

1. Treat yourself.

This can be a large or small treat, depending upon your budget. My treats are usually simple like Starbucks or ice cream. However, it can also be something personal like getting your nails done or a new shirt. If your budget doesn’t allow for something big, that’s fine. Take a few moments to enjoy your favorite candy bar. Giving yourself a small treat (and the time to really enjoy it) can often turn a bad day around fairly quickly.

2. Stop what you’re doing and do something you really enjoy.

Sometimes a bad day can be triggered by stress or frustration with whatever we’re dealing with at the time. I’ve found that stopping what I’m doing and coming back to it later helps turn those frustrations around and can actually give you a new perspective. If you sense a bad day coming, put that project to the side and do something that makes you happy. Usually, I take time to sit and write for this blog or go for a bike ride. It could be knitting or browsing the internet. No matter what it is, doing something that makes you happy can often salvage what’s left of that day and you can return to what you were doing with a fresh look. (I wrote more about this here.)

3. Go for a walk.

I cannot explain how beneficial being outdoors is to your health. Going for a walk when you need a boost can have a dramatic impact on your outlook. Physical activity has both mental and physical benefits. Plus, being in the sunshine is known to help fight depression. In addition to these obvious benefits, going for a walk outside will often open your eyes to things that give you a new perspective on the day.

4. Browse Pinterest.

If you need to decompress or need inspiration to turn your day around, Pinterest is often the place to go. (Be sure to set yourself a timer or you could be lost there for hours!) It’s important that you only browse new pins…not things that you’ve pinned in the past. Looking through your old boards can often remind you of things you haven’t had the time to do yet and that will only add to your frustration. Spend a few minutes browsing through your favorite Pinterest categories and you will often feel inspired to have a better day. When I need a pick-me-up I often pin new things to my Decorating Ideas board…go take a look!

5. Say three nice things about yourself or the topic that’s bringing you down.

I’ve been trying a simple technique with a few folks lately to help them see the more positive side of things. When you say something negative about a person or thing, you should follow that with three positive statements about that same thing. If your bad day is a result of being hard on yourself…say three nice things about yourself. If you’re really hating your job today…say three positive things about your job. If you’re bad day started because you’re flaming mad at your husband (Sorry, babe…it does happen sometimes.)…then say three nice things about your husband. The important part here is to actually say them out loud. Saying them to yourself in your head just doesn’t give you the same result. It also helps to look at yourself in the mirror if that’s a possibility. However you do it, forcing yourself to think positively about whatever is bringing you down, can absolutely help turn your day around.

I wish I could conclude this post by saying that one of these five tricks helps me avoid bad days/moods every single time. Unfortunately, some days just suck. However, you can control them no matter how hard it seems. And if one of these tricks helps you to make a bad day even a tiny bit better, then I’ll be stoked. After all, I love all of you and want each and every one of you to have the best life possible!

What do you do when you have a bad day? I’m up for trying new things and I’d love to hear your suggestions.


4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Turning Bad Days Into Good Ones”

  1. This is what I do;
    1. Text you & rely on your wisdom to pull me through. 😛
    2. Clean something, or clean everything. Purging and disinfecting makes me feel like I’m starting over.
    3. Drink all the wine

    1. I am terribly late with this week’s posts. Thank you for noticing!! Also, loved your bad day strategies…thrilled to be a part of the solution!

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