What I Wore: Memorial Day

When I started this blog, I figured that I’d eventually get around to sharing outfit posts. I always get a ton of comments about my attire and would like to share details. However, to be completely honest, I secretly hate taking photos of myself, and I hate sharing them even more! Even though I’ve planned several outfit posts since I created this blog, I always talk myself out of posting them. However, at the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I finally decided to take the plunge. (If you’ll haven’t noticed, he thinks I’m great at everything….thankfully.)

I will preface this post with saying that this is not, in any way, one of my best outfits. However, it was festive and a happy occasion, so I thought I’d go ahead and share. Besides, if I didn’t go ahead and start, I’d just keep putting the outfit posts off until eternity. So here it goes…

Pamela & Taylor at partyThis Memorial Day was a happy one! It was the birthday of one of the kindest, most beautiful (inside and out), and talented young ladies that I know. Not only was it her birthday, but she got ENGAGED! Her parents and now fiancé set up a surprise celebration to commemorate this exciting time, and I was happy to be there to congratulate them. (Drew, I’m warning you here on the world wide web that you better take amazing care of that girl! She deserves a prince charming like no other!) My advice to you both is to always put each other first. Never, ever criticize each other in front of other people, and always avoid hurtful words…even in the heat of the moment. Enjoy every second of this special time!

Now, back to my outfit post. When I’m choosing what to wear each day, I often pick one item that I know I want to wear and then pull the rest together from there. I may change the other pieces a hundred times, but I typically stick with whatever initial item I gravitate to.

Memorial Day OutfitToday, it was white jeans. When deciding what to wear to the event, I knew that I wanted to wear these particular white jeans and wedges. After trying on a few different shirts, I decided on this navy and white patterned top. I really like its rope straps. To be honest, I hardly ever wear it though. I probably haven’t worn this top in well over a year! Today was its lucky day.

At the start, I was wearing these yellow wedges with the outfit, but then suddenly remembered it was Memorial Day! I’m not one to typically wear red, white, and blue together, so I used this opportunity to take advantage of the holiday. I switched the yellow wedges for red ones, and sprinkled in some red jewelry.red bamboo bracelets

red bracelets and feather earringsOne of the most frequent pieces of fashion advice that I give is to not overdo it on matching accessories. I tied in the red shoes by adding the red, bamboo bracelets, but I didn’t add red earrings so that I wouldn’t be too “matchy-matchy.” Instead, I wore the cream and turquoise feather earrings with a splash of red in them (currently available at Salt & Pepper!). They had just enough of the colors from the outfit, but added another element too. As I post more outfits, you’ll notice that I do not like being overly matched and will sometimes try to not match at all! It’s kind of my thing.

Memorial Day OutfitSo here you have it! My very first “What I Wore” post! Again, I’m hoping that by forcing myself to share this, I will become a little more courageous in sharing my personal style with you. Let me know your thoughts!

Outfit details: top and pants – Banana Republic; shoes – Gianni Bini (Dillards); bracelet & earrings – Salt & Pepper

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