#wfwhitehouse Early August Update

An outside view of progressIt’s starting to look like someone might be planning to live here! The front of the house has a coat of primer which is a great sneak peek at what it’s going to look like with fresh paint. Not to mention all of the freshly trimmed trees and vegetation. It’s looking more like a cozy home than an abandoned piece of history now. You can turn into the driveway without fear of scratching your car and another burn pile of limbs and such has been burned. That’s progress, folks!

From across the streetWork happening insideIf you remember from last week, we gave up on sanding the floors ourselves and outsourced that beast. Within minutes of the floor guys being there, the place transformed. It was magical! They stripped off the old finish and as of today, there’s bare wood throughout! Maybe even some stain! As I expected, some stains/damage can’t be sanded out and honestly, I’m excited about it giving the floors some extra character. One can’t expect floors this old to be perfect! Besides, I’ve always liked old stuff that’s a little banged up with age anyway.

The middle bedroomWe did end up having to replace the floors altogether in the middle bedroom. There was a lot of damage near the wall that connects to the bathroom (old bathroom leak) and though we could have pieced it back together, there was more damage to the sub floor than expected and replacing it was cheaper and much easier. That also meant that the salvageable flooring from that room could be used for the laundry room and for the back closet, which was formerly the pink bathroom.

From the dining room into the living room The master bedroom The kitchen into the breakfast nook A new door frame The living room More importantly than all of the above, there’s finally air conditioning again! This is summertime in Louisiana. It got HOT in there without AC. I was lucky to buy the house with a new HVAC unit, and I decided to move it into the attic to make room for a master closet. That part of the project took a little longer to complete than I expected.

The breakfast nook Down the hallway A guest bedroom and closetCabinet color optionsThis week’s agenda is all about the floors. Once sanding is finished, it’ll take several days to restain/refinish them. While that’s happening, nothing else can really be done inside. When they’re finished (and beautiful — I hope!) my plan is to finish the electrical and get the place painted. I’m planning to do white walls throughout and I’m still on the fence on the kitchen cabinet color. Want to weigh in?? I’m thinking mint, teal, taupe, or white for an all-white kitchen. On Instagram, the vote was overwhelmingly mint.  (I attempted to link to these inspiration sources and the only site that worked was the taupe. Please know that I tried!) If you have an opinion, leave it in the comments! Otherwise, stay tuned for another update soon!

If you’re not already following me in Instagram, be sure to do so! I gave a tour of the place there earlier this week that’s saved in the story highlights if you’d like to see!

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