Things I’m Loving Right Now.

Hey everyone! I didn’t properly introduce myself last week. My name is Ashlee. I am friends with Pamela and I also work for her. She gave me the opportunity to guest post here last Monday (you can read that post here) and she is also letting me guest post this Monday. Your regularly scheduled Pamela posts will come back soon, I promise.

Things I'm Loving Right Now. Read more at pamelapetrus.comPamela and I both are list people. We value a good to-do list, a call list (inside joke, but I couldn’t resist), I even love a good pro-con list. I like to think I’m very Rory Gilmore in that sense. So I thought it would be fun to share a list of things that I am loving right now (or looking forward to). Ready? Here goes nothing:

  1. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!  by Dr. Seuss. Don’t ever let my age fool you, I’m a child at heart. I also L O V E words and what they can do. This book was given to me when I graduated high school and I recently picked up another copy to gift to someone. I sat at Starbucks reading my children’s book this weekend and I just thought to myself, “EVERYONE needs to read this!! It is SO GOOD!” So, go pick up a copy. I got this one for $10 at Target. Read it yourself, then one day when you don’t need its wisdom share it with someone else who does.
  2. Insta Dri Nail Polish in Slick as Slate has been gracing my fingers and toes for weeks now. I take it off just to put it back on. In high school I was all funky colors. I wanted lime green toes and bright blue fingers. I definitely still have that same taste and get a little crazy with my nail color sometimes, but I’m trying to streamline my nails more so lately. After three consecutive weddings in the fall and so much nude nail polish, I kind of fell in love with gray. It goes with everything and it’s still kind of fun. It’s not black but it still gives the same vibes. Summer is coming quickly and I’m sure I’ll break out the pinks and blues but for a couple of more weeks, I’m going to rock that gray.
  3. Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans (Dark Wash) are my favorite jeans. I went to a high school where it was a rule to tuck in your shirt and so I have boycotted the idea of tucked in anything for the past five years. But after I bought these jeans I saw someone tuck in a shirt to some high-waisted jeans. I thought it was super cute, so I tried it with these and I loved it. A cute blue and white striped blouse tucked in with my beige cardigan, these jeans and some cute shoes….I feel less frumpy and more together. Plus these jeans dress up better than almost any other pair of jeans I’ve had. (*Note: jeans can only be so dressy, I’m learning.)
  4. One Tree Hill is one of the few TV shows I am watching right now. Usually I limit myself to investing in one show at a time. I don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of time watching television; I would rather be doing about eight million other things. However, I usually have one on hand to relax and let my mind be distracted with. OTH is one of my favorites. This is my first time watching it from Season 1 all the way through. What a journey it has been! I wasn’t allowed to watch it when it was airing on TV but I would still sneak it in sometimes. I’ve always loved it but there’s something nice about returning to Tree Hill every once in a while. #Nathan&HaleyForever #BDavisIsAGirlBoss
  5. Friends is another TV show. I said in the last point that I only watch one show at a time but right now I’m watching a few. Well Friends is one of the others. I have never watched this show. Maybe one or two random episodes, but I didn’t like them. After a long weekend in Dallas with some friends, I came home obsessed with the show. I took every Friends quiz to see which character I am and who my Friends soulmate is (Chandler. Of course.). Have I mentioned that I’m only 22?! This show came out six days prior to my first birthday. Oh how I love it now though!
  6. This workout has kicked my butt and it has been awesome! For the next few days after doing it, every laugh hurt so bad that I would say “OUCH!”. Pamela asked me if I had broken a rib and not told anyone. It was an intense workout, but so good. I typically just run and do some bodyweight training. This shook up my routine and I definitely didn’t hate it. Working out is fun to me and I love the satisfaction of being sore later and this one didn’t leave me disappointed there. I made some modifications where it called for dumbbells since I didn’t have any. For the plank rows, I used books (Insurgent and Allegiant to be precise). Then for the dumbbell crunches I instead did the superman yoga pose. It was so challenging but I can’t wait to do it again!
  7. Warm weather, sunshine and flowers mean summer is coming. I was made for warm weather and sunshine. As I’ve gotten older I have been able to more greatly appreciate the other seasons too, but still, my heart beats for 80+ degree days and sunshine. I am anxiously awaiting the days of cute shorts and warm summer nights. I want ALL of the flowers. I want to plant flowers in pots. I want them in vases in my house. I want to pick them and smell them all. I also just want to lay in the sunshine all day. Is this too much to ask?
  8. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is my favorite new movie. I can definitively say this because I have been to the movies at least once a week since the new year almost without fail. I have seen a lot of movies so far this year and this has been my favorite. This is not a big shocker at all to anyone who knows me. The movie was just very real, very honest and I think it honored the men who served there in Benghazi. Definitely worth watching.

Things I'm Loving Right Now. Read more at pamelapetrus.comThese are some of my favorite things right now. What are some of yours? What is inspiring you right now?

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