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5 Years of Halloween Costumes

I have always loved Halloween and I think working on and wearing some sort of costume is so much fun! Since today is Halloween and this year marks mine and Matthew’s 5th Halloween together, I thought we should all take a quick trip down our memory lane of costumes. Grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte – or more realistically – some of your kiddos Halloween candy, and enjoy a few pictures of our various shenanigans from the last 5 years!

Matthew was the World’s Strongest Man – including that killer mustache and new tattoo sleeves – and I was the Ringleader.
Earlier this year, I also dressed as a red pepper for a “Boiling Point” themed real estate conference event.
Ringleader and Worlds Strongest Man Halloween CostumeRingleader and Worlds Strongest Man Halloween Costume red pepper costume


My tennis partner/friend and I attended our work party shortly after things had gone awry on the court….  Matthew and I wore some pretty fun wigs to the Wiggin’ Out event and dressed up for a friend’s 1920’s themed birthday party!
angry tennis player costumegreen afro and rainbow wig 1920s costume


First, Matthew and I were Frankenstein and his Bride. (And sadly, this might be the only photo from that night.) Then, we attended another party as Little Red Riding Hood and the Lumberjack!
Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein costumeLittle Red Riding Hood and the Lumberjack costumes


I hope my dates aren’t off here. I blogged about the fun 90s Party we went to in 2014. However, I’m pretty sure the event actually happened in the fall of 2013. Either way – we love the 90s! And look like babies!
90s costume


We were pirates! This was our very first Halloween party to host together and I still love these costumes and pictures. I also dressed as Audrey Hepburn for our work party.
couples pirate costumeAudrey Hepburn costume


And that rounds out most of the costumes we’ve worn for the last 5 years – both for Halloween and other occasions! I do love to dress up and I’m glad Matthew and our friends enjoy it too.Bert Macklin Janet Snakehole Worlds Strongest Man and Ringleader costumesDo you enjoy dressing up too? What are you planning to be this year??

Fun & Simple Halloween Projects

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, so it’s no surprise that I’ve been pinning different fall and Halloween goodies for a while now. Since it’s officially fall (!!) and October is right around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my latest favorites with you. It’s time to start making those fall and Halloween crafts, my friends!diy-crayon-pumpkin-tutorialdiy-crayon-pumpkin-tutorialI’ve never been too much of a fan of the crayon art projects. These pumpkins though… *heart eyes*. That black/purple/blue one is GORGEOUS!

Sources: Oh Gee Lindsey & Dream A Little Bigger

wood-porch-pumpkinsI also love a good, simple wood project. When we end up with scraps of wood from a project, I’m always wanting Matthew to save it. (I get it from my Mama..) And this is why! This project (and this wooden candy corn DIY without a source) would be so easy to make with scrap pieces from around the house. If you don’t have any scraps and aren’t super handy with the power tools, you can buy wood from Lowes and they’ll cut it to size for you there.

Sources: Hazel & Ruby & If that candy corn is your crafty work, please let me know!

diy-tin-can-halloween-artHere’s another project you can make out of scraps around the house. She turned them into a bowling game and I think they’d be cute as just decorations too! You could use them for candy, decorative twigs, flowers…you name it!

Source: Party Delights

diy-pumpkin-treat-bagsI’m always looking for creative ways to give little gifts, so it’s not surprising that this one caught my eye. I wouldn’t recommend this approach for your 1,000 trick or treaters, though it’d make a great little prize for folks around the office, teachers, etc. I will most likely be handing these out to someone this year…

Source: One Little Project

diy-halloween-yarn-garlandThis is possibly one of my favorite projects because I love yarn. I love garland. And I love tassels! The tutorial shows you how to make each item, so it seems pretty simple!

Source: Growing Up Gabel

burning-spellbook-sculptureAnd finally, for those more crafty in nature and serious about their Halloween décor… (I’m looking at you, Meghan.) This burning spell book is simply stunning! Apparently the original source hasn’t been traced. It’s thought to have been a part of a college sculpture class. If this beauty is yours, let me know because you deserve some credit!

These few items should get you started on your fall crafting adventures. If you want more inspiration, go ahead and follow my Fall & Halloween board, or follow me on Pinterest altogether! (Right now, you’ll see lots of pumpkins, Christmas décor, and flannel. If those are your things, hop on over!)

Also, check the Halloween tag for a few more ideas. Have you seen any other cool ways of decorating lately?? I can’t wait to get started!

Happy Halloween!

HAppy Halloween!_3It’s Halloween! When I planned out my content for the past few weeks, I penciled in “Halloween post” for today. I figured I’d post pictures of our Halloween decor or details on our costumes, but as I began writing, I quickly realized that this post was going to be very different.

On Saturday morning, I sat down on the couch after cleaning up from Friday’s Halloween party. I could have written about how exciting it was to host our first get-together in our new house or about the fun we had with friends. However, after finishing the dishes and cleaning the spots of who-knows-what from the floors, I sat down and realized something profound.

This house is ready.

First of all, let me clarify what I mean by “ready.” In this case, ready does not mean perfectly decorated or organized. It doesn’t mean that everything has a definite place to go and all of the gold light fixtures have been replaced. Instead, it means that my dining room and foyer aren’t full of boxes. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see a single piece of cardboard and that’s amazing! In this story, “ready” means we have shower curtains hanging in both bathrooms. Even if I don’t like them, there are curtains hanging. Today, “ready” means that even though closets may be stuffed a little full with things I still need to address, there aren’t piles of stuff sitting here and there on tables and countertops.

Happy Halloween!_2One of my October goals was to host a Halloween party. Of course, I wanted to have this party to be able to spend time with friends and to dress up because it’s my favorite. However, the main reason for my decision to host this party was to give myself a deadline for getting this house unpacked. Even though I was knocking things out one box at a time, I still felt like the boxes would never end. I’d never get around to putting away those paint cans, and we’d never get the floors clean enough to put those rugs down. I knew that if I agreed to invite 30-40 people to our new home, I’d really make some magic happen. And we did. The week before a party would usually be spent hanging holiday decor and planning a menu. Ours were spent reattaching light fixtures, moving in furniture, and trips up and down the attic ladder.

I’m certainly thrilled that everyone came in fabulous costumes and we spent the night laughing with friends. However, now that everyone has gone home and the remnants of a party are cleaned up, I’m so incredibly thankful to have made it this far in the process of setting up our home.

I’ve written a couple of posts that I’ve yet to share about how my goal is to get to a point where we’re not always working on and cleaning this house. Today, it feels like I’m there. I still have lists of updates to do, and I haven’t even made a small dent in the decorating, but now that the boxes are done, I feel like I can spend my time working on the fun things like searching for new furniture and pretty things. I’m thrilled that I can sit down on a Saturday and not feel guilty for resting. I’m excited that I can tackle one packed closet at a time until they’re finished, but there’s no immediate rush to get it done. I feel relieved for the chance to do fun things with my free time instead of feeling pressured to work on this house nonstop. If you’ve moved recently, you can probably relate to how I feel. And if you’ve accomplished something major lately, you can likely relate to how I feel in this very moment, which is amazing!

Happy Halloween!I mentioned last week that this blog is where I tell my story. I really thought that today’s post would show snapshots from last week’s party or links to some of the Pinterest projects I attempted. Instead, this Halloween party gave me so much more than material for a crafty blog post…it gave me peace of mind. I’m walking away from this experience feeling so incredibly accomplished and relaxed. I will still make this home beautiful over time, and I will empty those closets. However, I will take a deep breath before doing so, and I’ll sit back and enjoy how far we’ve come. Today, I’m thankful for progress and for motivation. I’m thankful for good friends who can look past works in progress, and a husband that’ll work nonstop to help me knock out my massive pre-party to-do list. I’m also thankful for the ability to host gatherings of this sort for my friends.

I hope you have the happiest of Halloweens. Be safe and make lots of memories!


DIY Halloween Rug

rug before and afterThis old, worn out rug was left at our house by the previous owners. I’d been meaning to pick up a new one but just hadn’t gotten around to it. The list of things that I need to get for this house is incredibly long. For example, light fixtures…I still need to pick out new light fixtures for every room in the house. One thing at a time, Pamela. One thing at a time.

Anyway, I was waking around outside, thinking about Halloween/fall decor one morning, and I decided that I should give this old rug one last ride before tossing it out. I decided to add a little paint and use it as part of my Halloween decor before replacing it. I could have just bought a Halloween rug from the store, but this option gave me a chance to use something that I already had, and I won’t have to try to reuse or store a new rug until next year.

Halloween craft suppliesI used simple craft paint for this project because it’s what I had on hand when I had the idea. This rug is under the front porch, so I don’t have to worry much about it getting wet. Also, I only needed it to last for a few weeks, so I didn’t spend too long worrying about the paint choice. If you’re going to do something similar in an area exposed to weather or want it to last longer than a couple of weeks, you’ll want to use a more durable, exterior paint.

DIY Halloween RugLooking back, I should have probably painted the top and bottom portions instead of the middle where most of the feet-wiping will take place, especially since I used craft paint. However, I feel pretty confident that it’ll make it through Halloween anyway.

So there you have it….a quick and easy way to give a new life to something old. Do you have anything lying around your house that a little paint might spruce up? Even temporarily? This project took about an hour to complete. That includes the idea process and hunting up supplies. If you have an old, ugly rug lying around, you should try it!

See more Halloween decor ideas on my previous post.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas (9)Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Costumes, decorations, the cool fall air…it’s just so much fun! Matthew and I hosted a Halloween party shortly after we were married in 2012, but I never shared any pictures from that night. (We ended not having a party last year.) When preparing for Halloween 2014, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos from the 2012 party. We didn’t get pictures of all of the guests, but how fun are these costumes?!

Halloween Decorating IdeasHalloween Decorating Ideas (6)Halloween Decorating IdeasHere are a few quick and easy decorating ideas from the 2012 party.

1. Giant spider web: Use masking tape to put a spider web design on the floor. I did mine coming out from under the food table. Note: Be careful using masking tape on hardwood floors. It didn’t leave a lasting web impression on the floor or anything. I’m definitely warning you from past experience.

Halloween Decorating Ideas (7)2. Hanging ghosts: Cut scary ghosts from butcher paper and hang from the bottom of doorways. I added a little caution tape from the Dollar Tree to give it something extra.

Halloween Decorating Ideas (14)3. Giant hanging spider: Tape black streamers to balloons and hang from the ceiling to make a giant spider. We used push pins to secure it to the sheetrock ceilings. This is a great idea to take up a large space…you could make it as big as you’d like!

Halloween Decorating Ideas (8)4. Apothecary jars: Use plastic bones in water with green food coloring to create a lab-like vibe.

Halloween Decorating Ideas (5)5. Food labels: We made Halloween themed labels for the food and included names like Petrified Popcorn, Witches Stew, Black Cat Cakes, Poisoned Punch, Casper Crunch, etc.

Halloween Decorating Ideas (10)6. Faux spider webs: You can never have too many spider webs. This is a cheap and easy way to make any space look more festive. Stretch them over everything!

Halloween Decorating Ideas (2)7. Invitations: It’s no secret that I have a slight infatuation with stationary and paper products. We printed invites on fall-colored paper, cut them out, and glued them to Martha Stewart Halloween paper (similar to these). I mailed them in black envelopes and wrote the addresses with a white marker. I also drew a little spider web in the corner. I loved it! I might have to use this idea again this year.

Halloween Decorating Ideas (13)Halloween Decorating Ideas (4)Whether you’re doing a small get together or something larger, these ideas can be incorporated into practically any space or event. I’m getting pretty excited about this Halloween, and I know that I better get busy! I’ve been pinning quite a bit of Halloween and fall décor ideas lately. If you’d like an extra dose of inspiration, go check out my Halloween/Fall Board on Pinterest!


Happy Halloween!

Audrey HepburnThis year’s Halloween plans were rather tame. However, I made sure to take full advantage of our Halloween event at Keller Williams. We had a potluck lunch and costume contest at the office, coupled with a baby shower for two of our agents.My first instinct was to go as a mermaid, but I decided on Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s…it would be much easier to work in after the party. Do you know anyone who has their hair professionally done for a Halloween costume? Yeah…probably not.

Halloween HairI should point out that it was literally FLOODING  on Halloween morning. Of course it would be, considering I had a legit hair appointment for this costume. I had my hair done first thing that morning which means I wore a shower cap and sweat pants to take my mom to treatments. It was a lovely sight! Then, I rushed home and changed. It was tough not to look like a drowned rat by the time I made it to the party, but somehow I pulled it off!

Audrey Hepburn and a BallerinaMy new assistant started her first real day on the job, so she joined us as a pretty ballerina. Doesn’t everyone wear a tutu to their first day at the office?? There were witches, a banana, a pirate, Captain America…you name it! Courtney made the most adorable homeless person…her sign really made the costume. It read, “Homeless. Need rich husband.” What a fantastic solution!
Audrey Hepburn helps the HomelessAudrey Hepburn and Brett MichaelsBrett Michaels even made a star-studded appearance! I should mention that his vest and leather pants were from my garage sale stuff. No joke. My Mom made that zebra vest for my senior prom date to match my dress. Again, not joking. This was before zebra print was everywhere…I was making a statement!I think my most significant accomplishment this Halloween was mastering cat eyes with liquid eyeliner! Makeup is not really my thing, and I was terrified of that liquid liner. Now I think I might rock it everyday! For inspiration on Audrey Hepburn make up, this 12 minute video was pretty detailed! You can also try the scotch tape trick, but I failed at this one…I taped my eye shut!

If you want to see what Audrey Hepburn looks like in the morning, click here!

Audrey HepburnSo, how do you think I did?? I simply love dressing up!