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No Goals

Goal setting and goal trackerI never thought I’d be the one saying this – I’m not setting any goals this year. I know. I’m just as shocked as you are. I usually do quite the opposite. I unintentionally set way too many goals to accomplish in one year. I simply can’t prioritize and save some things for later. Instead, I feel like I need to do all the things by yesterday. Not setting any firm goals for 2017 feels pretty foreign.

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One Little Word – 2017 Edition

Yoga at Home - One Little Word I’ve thought a lot about what my word for 2017 should be. Choosing one little word for the year can be an impactful exercise. I agree that it can also feel a little silly. Nonetheless, having a specific concept to meditate on for the year can certainly help to steer your mindset.

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Easy Goals for October

purple-mums-for-fallIt’s October! And thankfully it feels a little like October here in Louisiana. With each passing day, we settle back into routines and life feels a bit more settled and normal. For us, September was about trying to get to a stable place and now, I want October to be about getting comfortable, settling in, and resting a bit from the chaos of the last several months. If I had to set an intention for this month, I’d say – I intend for this month to be about fun, friends/family, and celebrating where we are today. I intend to take the month off from hard work on the house.

So far, I’m drinking all the pumpkin spice things, wearing socks with boots, and squeezing in a bit of flannel any time I can. Here’s a few other things I hope to do this month:

  • Make a business move for Firecracker – The Store. Get excited!!
  • Spend ample time with friends and family as opportunities arise.
  • Maybe host a Halloween party?
  • Make self-care a part of my routine….at least 4 focused, intentional efforts a week.
  • Make my homemade chili!

Clearly, I’m stacking the cards a little lightly for the month of October. And that’s fantastic. Remember, setting goals doesn’t always have to mean conquering new heights or accomplishing all the things. It’s perfectly acceptable to set goals that are simple, easy, and even fun! That’s what I’m doing this month, and you should never feel like all goals must be hard or monumental.

Since last month was my first time setting monthly goals in a bit, here’s a look back at how I did.

  • Blog 2x per week. – I met this goal except for the LAST POST OF THE MONTH. So frustrating, yet when you look at the big picture, I made 8 of the 9 intended posts after not blogging regularly for 6+ months. I’m giving myself some grace on this one.
  • Finish the hall bath. – DONE! (A quick tour is coming up on Thursday.)
  • Host a party! – DONE!
  • Launch the social media for Firecracker – The Store. – DONE! Now, to just get a schedule and process in place.
  • Paint one painting. – I did not get this done. I did prop a canvas up where I want it to go…that count??

There you have it. I got some things done and didn’t quite get to others. And that’s ok! Life feels good right now…slower and less stressful that where we’ve been. The weather is cooling off and I’m feeling more like myself again. Cheers to all of the above!

What are your plans for October??



September Goals & Being Back in the Swing of Things

September Goals at pamelapetrus.comIt feels like an eternity since I’ve written one of these post. It feels like an eternity since I’ve even thought about goals, much less worked towards something. (Work goals excluded. #girlboss) I decided on Sunday that I would attempt to get back to my blogging schedule. I would do this in secret, of course, so that if I failed or decided I wasn’t ready, I could abort the mission without anyone knowing. With my silent goal in mind, I began thinking about what I’d like to share here in September. I had several things in mind, some already written, so I began jotting down a plan for the month. If I were to stick with my previous Monday/Thursday schedule, then I’d have a post going up today, September 1.

When I realized it was the first, I decided that I needed to share something special. I needed to share something about new beginnings or seasons changing, even though our actual season won’t be changing for quite some time here in Louisiana. Not only was I awestruck that September was here (Are we sure it’s not still March??), I couldn’t wrap my head around what an appropriate post would be. While for many, this random Thursday is a day like every other, for me, it would be signifying the return of a routine.

As you all know, the last several months have been tough and with the uncertainty surrounding our circumstances, most, if not all of our routines fell to the wayside. Not only were routines and stability a thing of the past, my word bank was dry. I had nothing to say. I could barely form sentences that made sense on a page. Understandably, I let this blog take a back seat and I hoped that when things leveled out, I would find my words again.

So I sat there on Sunday, seeing things come together around me in the house, feelings much more “normal” and at peace than I had in months, and secretly planning to get back to who and what I was before the flood. When I thought of what I could possibly say on September 1 to signify what this new month actually feels like and means to me, I thought of my monthly goals. Once upon a time, I set a few personal goals for each month and shared them here to hold myself accountable and to ensure that I made progress towards the things I wanted to do. Now, as I’m searching anxiously for stability, I thought it would be a perfect time to revive those monthly goal posts and to set some intentions for myself for September. So here they are:

  1. Blog 2x per week. Again, I intended to keep this “goal” to myself in case I realized I couldn’t do it. As I throw caution to the wind, I hope that I’ll be able to return to my old schedule this month – posting every Monday and Thursday morning at 6:00 (central time). I’m out of practice, though I feel like I’m getting back in the swing of things, so hopefully you’ll find something new here every Monday and Thursday this month.
  2. Finish the hall bath. Right now we only have one working bathroom and several things need to happen in order to mark that hall bath off the list. My intention is to complete that entire project this month. No excuses!
  3. Host a party! This is a big one. Since shortly after the flood, I knew I’d want to invite everyone who’d followed our journey over to see the finished product. Saying that I’ll do this in September means that I have a lot of work to do! There’s still so many small items on the punch list, and we’ll have to be diligent in getting them done in order to host an event here. Nonetheless, it’s my goal to open my house up to friends/family/neighbors/strangers by the end of this month. Wanna come? You’re invited!
  4. Launch the social media for Firecracker – The Store. Several months ago, I put a booth into an antique store on Antique Alley as a launching pad for an upcoming project. I’d waited for years for a booth to open up in one of my favorite stores and you’d know that one would come available right after the flood. Like the over-achieving workaholic that I am, I took it on and made something happen. However, it’s felt “thrown together” and certainly not my best work, so for the most part, I’ve kept it a secret. Not anymore! I’m getting my shit together and telling the world this month!
  5. Paint one painting. I had no idea how much I’d missed painting. I knew I wanted to pull together a few pieces for the house when I could, yet I didn’t know I’d have such an emotional response to getting the opportunity again. I’ve dabbled a bit already and this month I hope to complete one more piece.

There you have it. I have some monthly goals out there in the world. They probably seem simple and my anxiousness over sharing them undoubtedly seems trivial. I supposed I feel uneasy about making plans at this point. I’ve lived in a state of uncertainty for months and the thought of getting back into a routine not only seems exciting, it also feels very foreign.

For me, September will serve as a time to pick up the pieces, put things back together, and find a new rhythm. And because of that, I’ll look forward to this month with grand excitement. It’s funny to see how much is different and how much has changed since last September. And 2014

January: Review in Pictures

January in Review. Read more at pamelapetrus.comJanuary was such an awesome month. It’s naturally one of my favorites because it’s my birthday month. I also love the “fresh start” and the emphasis on goal-setting. These things combined mean January can’t help but be at the top of my list. As we welcome the month of love, I decided to highlight a few of my favorite moments from this past month.

  1. We finally hung curtains in the living room! It’s been a year and a half since we’ve been in this house…with no curtains. I chose to add these to the month of memories because this overdue change made such a difference in the room, and I feel so happy and accomplished every time I look at them.
  2.  I started working on my daily step goal! I’m not doing super awesome at it. I’ll admit it. However, progress is better than perfection, and I’m definitely more aware of my activity level these days.
  3.  All the houses! January has started off with a bang in the real estate arena. I’m so thankful for a good jump on the year, and I’m so very excited about the growth/changes on the horizon. (P.S. Be sure to let me know when you hear of someone looking to buy/sell a house. I can help anywhere in the US!)
  4.  Our dining room got a bit of a makeover. This photo symbolizes the changes we’ve made in our dining room to create a temporary workspace for my growing team. It also shows that I’m keeping some plants alive (a 2016 goal) and that I FINALLY pulled out this adorable print that I ordered almost 3 years ago. This photo celebrates a lot of milestones and progress for the month.
  5.  I celebrated my 30th birthday!!! We definitely couldn’t recap the month without mentioning this fact. It was definitely the highlight of my month.
  6.  I chose a word for the year and talked about it here on the blog. I’ve already had multiple opportunities to practice being courageous.
  7. I’m painting! I set up a painting nook, and I’ve done some random painting lately. I also talked about some hesitations and developments in the area here.
  8.  This truly is my year. I know without a doubt that 2016 is going to be one of those fundamental, unforgettable years. Big things are going to happen. I just know it. This photo represents the time I spent goal-setting and planning for the year.
  9. I worked on several house projects! One magical day, Matthew and I got so much done around the house. This photo is from a project in my closet room, and I’m happy to report that this room is so close to being “finished.”

Hooray for a productive month! I feel like it’s been waaaay longer than just 31 days, and I’m thrilled about how much was accomplished. I’m also VERY encouraged for the rest of the year. If as much happens the rest of the year as it has in January, I can only imagine what all I’ll have to report in December!

Looking back on the month like this is fun! I think I might start a new tradition. Hello, February…can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

One Little Word – 2016

Courageous at pamelapetrus.comThe concept of setting a guiding word for the year isn’t new. Several inspirational and successful people that I follow use this technique every year. I thought long and hard about it last year and really wanted to commit. It just seemed nearly impossible for me. I really work best on more of a short term schedule. I talked a bit about struggling with the idea and attempted to set monthly words instead of yearly in 2014.

As 2016 rolled in, I thought about it again. I saw everyone else choosing words and having custom jewelry made and I wanted to do that too. Honestly, I just couldn’t quite understand why a goal-setting fanatic like myself couldn’t pick a silly word. Again, I do better with just a few options…not the entire English language. Then it dawned on me, I have sort of chosen a word without realizing it. If you read my ramble about looking ahead to 2016, you may have picked up on one line that really stood out to me.

I’m going to be courageous.

I touched on the topic of courage earlier in 2015, and as 2016 approached, I began preparing myself to exhibit the most courage yet. I knew that the new year was going to bring with it a lot of big changes, big decisions, and hopefully, big rewards. I knew that to be successful in any of the endeavors I was approaching, I’d have to have courage. In addition to needing the courage to make big, bold moves in business, I also began really wanting to be more courageous within my personal life. On New Years Day, I starting thinking about the desire I’ve had recently to be unapologetic about showing my true self. I started to regret not having factored that into my goals for the year. (Leave it to me to have some regret over yearly goals on the first day of the year!) Then it hit me….I just needed to focus on having courage. I already have the doodle from this post as my screensaver on my phone. I’ve already been wanting to be more courageous. I need to really focus on that this year.

Here are a few of the ways in which I’ll be practicing having courage in 2016:

  1. I’m going to be doing big things with my business. At the start of 2016, I will have two full time, health-insured individuals on my team…plus myself. I am committing to bringing in enough money to support myself and two additional people. That’s so frightening. I’ve weighed the pros and the cons, the risks and the rewards, until there can’t be anything else to consider. The next step is having the courage to jump.
  2. I want to be more vulnerable. One of my most well-developed skills is the ability to protect myself. I’m almost like a ninja of my own defenses. I can throw a guard up like a professional and I do so often. This usually means that I give off a different perception of myself than what’s really real. I’ve used this tactic as a defense mechanism for many, many years and I feel that it’s going to be a tough habit to break. Rather than putting up such a tough and unwavering front, I’d like to show my sensitive and vulnerable side a bit more. I’ve realized that this protection mechanism is there. The next step is having the courage to let my guard down.
  3. I want to worry less about what other people think. I do and say things often keep other people happy or to not offend anyone. I heavily monitor my public image. I act and behave a certain way in mixed company and it’s usually only my closest friends that get to see me in my true form. I am very careful of what’s posted on social media. You won’t see rants about politics (and probably still won’t) or a photo of me having a glass of wine. I’ve always monitored these things very closely for the fear of what other people would say or think. At 30, I’m really ready to move past that. I will undoubtedly always care what people think. However, I want to feel more comfortable with who I’ve decided to be and more importantly, with the fact that some people may just not like it or agree. I’ve decided that I want this freedom. The next step is having the courage to actually let loose.

In thinking through these things, it seems as if I have unintentionally set a “one little word” for the year – courageous. Without realizing it, I identified an area or concept that I really felt I needed to work on. I can’t promise that I’ll stick with it, or even that courage will prevail when the opportunity arises. However, I am willing to admit that I need to work on it. And for now, I’m committing to focusing on this powerful word for the year. Hopefully, by the time we wrap up 2016, I’ll have realized the magnitude of my own courage, much like the lion in the Wizard of Oz. I suppose I’m starting down my own yellow brick road this year. The journey will likely be as important as the arrival, and I hope to become a better, more courageous lion by year end.

2016 Goals

2016 goals. Read more at pamelapetrus.comIt’s goal-setting time!! I almost treat setting my yearly goals as its own holiday. I look forward to it. Prepare for it. And set aside special time for it. I can remember my first time setting real yearly goals and I distinctly remember feeling a bit of an aversion to it. Now that I’ve set multiple yearly goals and thousands of monthly ones, I feel like a pro. As a matter of fact, I even learned a valuable lesson last year. I set my 2015 goals without realizing how ambitious I was. I’m known for thinking I can do more than humanly possible in a day, so I definitely have to monitor my ambition when I plan for the year. After struggling to track and accomplish all of my many goals, I adjusted down to just one goal in April. I realized that I needed to pare down if I were going to really accomplish anything, and I felt relieved afterwards.

This year, I am setting more than one personal goal for the year. However, most of these are smaller, more easily attainable goals. They are things that I’m choosing to focus on throughout the year and that I’ll continue to work on as the time passes. I did my best to be more realistic and more conscientious of how quickly time passes. I didn’t set these big, lofty goals that could easily take a major lifestyle change to accomplish. Instead, I chose a few various areas to focus on. It’s almost like this list is more like intentions than goals. Yes, these are measurable and achievable. Ideally, I’ll be able to “mark them off” at the end of the year. However, my mindset is more about choosing to focus on these areas of my life rather than others this year. That enough talking about goal setting? Let’s dive in:

1. Reserve more personal time. I just talked about the goals being measurable and as it’s written, this one is a bit too vague. I still need to determine a metric in which I’ll be able to track this, so if you have ideas, please share! As I mentioned intentions, my intention this year is to place a lot of emphasis on my time. When things get busy or responsibilities grow, my time is the first to go. I need to train myself not to forfeit that time.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: resting before I crash and burn, spending more time at home…even if that means working from home more, more days off (For me, it’s not a day off if I have to wash my hair or put on makeup.), regular massages, and reserving time for creative activities. Sounds easy. I already know that I’ll struggle here.

2. 12,000-15,000 steps a day at least 4 times a week. I recently got a Fitbit and I have high hopes for it helping me change my activity level. My original goal was to hit 10k steps a day and then I realized that I was already doing that most days. If I wanted to notice a difference physically, I’d have to do more than I was already doing. So, my intention is to hit between the 12-15k mark, at least 4 days a week.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: exercise of some sort, continuing to play tennis, and walks around the neighborhood.

3. Easily accessible closets/cabinets/drawers. I’m getting serious about clutter. I’ve made so much progress in the past couple of years, and I’d like to keep going. I’ve transformed the way I purchase and keep things, and I’ve gotten rid of so much extra. However, there are still closets and cabinets that aren’t as easily accessible as I’d like. I want everything to be super easy to retrieve and put away. These last few areas are what’s left to achieve that feeling.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: continuing to purge and organize. There are 5 closets that need a good bit of attention, 1 closet that needs to be finished, 3 dressers that need thinning, and the kitchen cabinets could use some love. These will be my priority over the next year.

4. Read 8 books. I’ve done much better at reading lately and several books are going to be a part of my growth plan for the year. I think focusing on goal #1 might help me with this goal too. I often forfeit time to read in order to accomplish other tasks, even though I’m starkly aware of its importance.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: making somewhat of a lifestyle change and slowing down. I’m going to attempt reading a bit with my morning coffee instead of surfing Instagram. Books already on my list include: finishing Rising Strong, Big Magic, Think and Grow Rich, and The Miracle Morning.

5. Learn a new skill. This really could fall into goal #1 as well. There are many things that I want to try or learn, and I often give up that time so easily. This year, I intend to try at least one new thing.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: by focusing on goal #1. I already have plans to learn to crochet and snow ski. I also purchased a sewing class last summer that I haven’t been through yet. I want to do all of the above!

6. Host people at our home at least once a month. I read this article about how much time we have left with our loved ones, and it shocked me into reality. I often let the days pass without realizing how much time we use up without spending time with friends/family. This year, I want to invite people over often. The second reason for this intention is to help keep my house tidy! I notice that things stay much cleaner around here when I’m expecting visitors. It’s a win-win.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: planning ahead with friends, practicing new recipes to share, and working to make our backyard a more pleasing and functional space.

7. Introduce one new someday goal. I have a rather lengthy list of things I’d like to accomplish someday. If I were being honest, I’d like to do them all right this second. I actually loathe the idea of waiting until some undetermined time. Nonetheless, reality says that I can’t do all of these things right now. This year, I intend to launch/make progress/develop one someday goal.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: making a list of these someday goals and watching for opportunities. This year I might develop an ecourse, start writing business posts, introduce public speaking to my repertoire, or any of my other big ideas.

8. Keep my plants alive. You probably snickered at that one. It seems a bit silly, although it might be the hardest task on the list for me. I do not have a green thumb. If I needed to reason with the plants to make them stay live, I’d be set. Instead, you have to water them and provide them the exact amount of sunlight needed. It’s so tedious! And my plants are moody. (That’s my way of putting the blame back on them…not myself.) If you’re one of those folks that just keep everything alive by your natural abilities, I envy you. For me, I’m going to have to work at it.

The specific ways in which I’m going to work on this are: repotting and fertilizing a few and spending some time actually learning how to care for them. Hard work, you guys.

That, folks, is what I intend to work on this year. At first glance, some of the goals seem a little simple. However, they’re all going to require dedication and effort on my part. None of these come naturally for me and I’ll have to focus and sometimes make tough decisions in order to make them happen. Even though they’ll all require attentiveness from me, I also worked really hard to be sure to limit myself. I wanted to be sure to not overdo it again this year, and to choose the most important goals on my mental list. If all the stars align, I’ll accomplish these and more! However, if I end 2016 having focused heavily on these 8 areas, I’ll be amply satisfied.

If you’re setting goals this year, I wish you the best of luck with them. I’m here to encourage you and support you. If you haven’t set goals before, I encourage you to give it a shot! It’s best to write them down and put them out there for accountability sake. If you are a big goal setter or if it’s your first time and you find it to no longer be working, it’s okay to abandon goals or tweak them along the way. The important part is to do SOMETHING that propels you towards something. Big or small…doesn’t matter.

What are you hoping to work on this year?

P.S. I rambled a bit about my vision for 2016 yesterday, if you’re interested.

I’m looking at you, 2016.

2016 at pamelapetrus.com2016 is going to be one of those years that stand out. I just know it. I’m making some major changes in both my personal life and my business and it’s going to either be one of those situations where you look back and say, “what in the hell was I thinking?!” Or I’ll look back and know that the changes were worth the risk. No matter which outcome becomes a reality, I know that I’m practicing my skills as a business owner and living boldly, and I’m thankful that I still have the courage and confidence to do so.

In 2015, I took a leap of faith and hired a full-time assistant. In 2016, I’m transforming that position a bit and hiring another very important member to the team. Both of these plans for the very near future are scary. The reality of them is nothing less than daunting. However, in life and in business, you sometimes have to take leaps of faith. (I talked about how I do that here.) Because of the immediate changes on the horizon, I fully expect for 2016 to look very different than today.

As I think about what’s ahead for my business, I have to remind myself that change is good and that sometimes growth is painful. I remind myself that I want to do big, bold things with my life and to do so, I’m going to have to put myself out there. I have to make myself uncomfortable for a bit in order to truly experience the next level in my career. It makes sense that I’m nervous, scared even, because they always say, “if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough.”

Well, I’m going to dream big this year. I’m going to think big this year and imagine all the possibilities. I’m going to learn hard lessons. I’m going to experiences ups and downs, although I hope there are significantly more ups! I’ll either sink or swim. I’m putting in all the chips and my fingers are crossed under the table in hopes that I win big. I’m going to be courageous.

As I set out to accomplish so much this year, I must prepare myself. I must prepare myself to focus and to be determined. I must prepare myself for a new way of thinking. I need to get ready for my life to look much differently, and even possibly be a bit chaotic for a while. How does one fully prepare themselves for so much? I’m not even sure I know. I know that I’ll be setting big and small goals like a boss. I know that I’ll have to hold my team accountable, and expect them to hold me accountable too. I know that I can’t accomplish this alone and that I want success through others to be what in turn makes me successful. Buckle your seat belts, folks. It’s going to be an exciting year!

Most of this post centers around hopes of taking my real estate business to the next level. This is what funds my perfect life and supports my family. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, please reach out. I’d be happy to talk shop. Also, and even more importantly, if you know of someone hoping to buy or sell a home in 2016, please let me know! This is how I keep the doors of my business open. And don’t forget, I can help with someone’s real estate transaction ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Don’t be shy…email me at pamela at pamelapetrus dot com!

November Goals

November goals at pamelapetrus.comWhen I first started to think about November goals, I felt a bit overwhelmed. The past several weeks have felt unmistakably hard, and thinking about growing or making progress of any sort just felt exhausting. Eventually though, the tables turned and I snapped out of it a bit. So finally (on October 31), I felt like setting some goals for November and here they are:

  1. Photograph at least 15 outfits this month. This may seem like a silly goal. However, I’ve been working intently on my wardrobe and photographing the resulting outfits will hopefully encourage me to wear things that I really love. I’d also like to practice my photography and photographing myself and my outfits will give me a way to do that. I feel 100% certain that I’ll regret this goal almost immediately, so I may need some encouragement. And gentle prodding. Or you may have to smack me around a little. Thanks in advance for helping me not give up.
  2. Complete one decorating project. I’ve been dreaming up ideas for this project and that project. My goal this month is to make at least one a reality. Right now I’m thinking that it’ll either be something in my closet room or finally hanging my antique mirror collection. Regardless of what the project is, I’m hoping to get something checked off the list.
  3. Decorate for Christmas!! In addition to doing one “regular” project, I’m hoping to get my house all fancied up for the holidays. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to pull out all of the Christmas items right this second. Last year, we didn’t get around to doing many outside lights or decorations. This year, I’m hoping we’ll be able to make both the inside and outside a bit more festive. I seriously can’t wait!

I almost didn’t set or share November goals this month. In addition to feeling a tad crummy, I also started telling myself that it was silly. I almost had myself convinced that no one wants to read about my personal goals and that sharing them here is pretty lame. The fact of the matter is, whether these monthly posts are read by 10 people or 10,000, they help motivate me. Setting these monthly goals (and sharing them here) serve as a motivator for making progress in areas that I may not have otherwise made progress in. As we all know, life tends to speed by rather quickly and one day we look up from our smartphones and realize that months or years have passed. This time passes quickly, and without noticing, we could have made no progress towards our big or small ideas. I don’t want that. Sharing these monthly goals with you hopefully serves as an encouragement for you to set your own monthly goals, and it certainly encourages me to make my own happen.

Setting those October goals, for example, was the precise reason that I sat aside the remote and worked more in my closet on October 31. If I hadn’t set that goal and planned to follow up on it today, I would have likely watched another episode (or four) of The Mindy Project. Setting a goal to read more this month most definitely encouraged me to pick up a book on several occasions that I normally wouldn’t have. Whether you think it’s silly or amazing, setting monthly goals can absolutely help propel you in whatever direction you want to head. And intentionally deciding what my daily life looks like is the name of my game.

I’m starting to rant a bit. My apologies. Speaking of October goals, here’s how I did last month.

  1. Two books. If I combined all of the bits and pieces I read, I’d definitely say that I completed the volume of two books. I had a bit of trouble committing to just one, though. Nonetheless, I read more than average and that was the ultimate goal anyway. First, I completed Mindy Kaling’s first book and it was quite hilarious. I’d say I’m a new fan. I also started Rising Strong by Brene Brown and I’ll warn you…you should probably expect a few (hundred) blog posts inspired by this one. It’s a pretty powerful read. I’ve already written one. Again because of this goal, I also finished my KonMari book, and I’m feeling pretty great about how I did with this goal.
  2. Capsule wardrobe. As I mentioned last month, I wasn’t really trying to reach a certain number of items (although I think that’s awesome). Instead, my goal was to continually thin my wardrobe so that I only had items that I love and feel great in. I took time to really think about the “look” I want for this season, made a list of items I need, and got rid of lots and lots of extras. Mission accomplished, I’d say!
  3. One light fixture. I actually bought two! I ordered a lovely custom-made fixture for the bathroom and bought an adorable vintage chandelier for my closet. We’re well on our way to a home free of ugly fixtures. Hooray!
  4. Burn candles. I also did well with this one, simply because I’d set the goal. Anytime I was home, I’d think about that goal and make a point to light a good smelling candle. I’m actually burning one of my favorites as I type! It certainly made the average days feel a tad more special.
  5. Work in the new office. I wish we weren’t ending with this one. I did nothing in the office. Not one thing. You can’t win them all right?? Thanks for understanding.

Sometimes setting monthly goals can feel a bit cumbersome. However, I can say with certainty that these small and sometimes large goals push me forward. I do things that I would otherwise put off or avoid. I make both minute and life-changing alterations, and I’m thankful for the motivation. What are you working on this month? Something fantastic, I hope!

September Goals

September GoalsSeptember’s page in my Get To Work Book  sums up my thought process for the month entirely. Since I can remember, I’ve let 1,000 ideas hinder me from accomplishing anything. I have a ton of ideas, get overwhelmed by them, and then do nothing. Last month, I hired a new assistant and with her help, I’m looking forward to finally making some of the ideas a reality. Therefore, on the work front, my main goal for the month is implementation. We’ve made a plan and now we’ll start tackling one project at a time until we reach world domination. Just kidding…sort of.

In addition to this large work goal, I’m hoping to take on a few personal items this month too.

  1. I want to be 100% present for girl time this month. I’m very fortunate to be looking forward to a bit of time with my cousin in Tennessee that I see hardly enough and to have a little, tiny girls trip planned for the end of the month. I get to spend so little time with these people that I love, that I really want to soak up the time that I’ll have this month.
  2. Complete 2 or 3 house projects. After sharing the home tour this week, I found a resurgence of motivation to make my ideas for this house come to life. I know from experience that I better take advantage of this inspiration while it’s here and actually do some of the things I have in my head. I don’t intend to ever be “finished” with this house. However, I do want to be in a place where I’m making little tweaks here and there rather than having a monstrous list of big projects.
  3. Review my 2015 goals. I abandoned most of these goals earlier this year and with good reason. However, I’d like to look back through them, think about what I’ve done so far this year, and decide if I want to pick any of them back up. After all, there are only 4 months left of this year!

All in all, my goals for September are fairly simple. I think the big idea is to just implement, both at home and at work. I’m working hard to break that habit of sitting on ideas until I have plenty of time, money, and resources…which never exists.

Looking back at August, I was pretty successful!

  1. I did quite a bit of watercolor practice!
  2. I played around with Periscope, even though it’s a bit nerve wracking for me. (You can follow me @pamelapetrus!)
  3. I did make an important business decision, even if I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to look like yet.
  4. I shared the home tour. It was at the last minute and scary, yet I did it!
  5. I am absolutely moving more slowly in the mornings and it’s made a HUGE difference. I switched my morning routine to have my coffee before getting dressed and it’s helped me take it more slowly and enjoy the moment more. I’m expecting this to make a big difference for me over time.

August was a great month and I’m thinking September will be pretty awesome too. I took a quick look at my goals from this time last year, and it’s amazing how much has changed in a year. That post seems like ages ago and I distinctly remember that feeling of overwhelm as we were drowning in boxes. I’m happy with how far we’ve come in a year, and I’m looking forward to a strong ending for 2015. I hope you are too. Also, I do still think September is my favorite month. How could it not be??

P.S. Those filler flowers from the August post are the same ones in today’s photo! You should buy them for every room in your house because apparently they live forever.