On Being Positive..

I should start today by acknowledging the fact that I haven’t been very diligent with my posts lately. Work has been so very busy, which resulted in me neglecting this online space. I made a promise to myself in this post that I would reserve time to develop this blog, because it’s something that I enjoy. Starting a new business has required a lot of my time and brainpower, but I promise to get back in the groove very soon!

That being said, I had such an interesting experience at Brookshire’s last week. (Brookshire’s is a grocery store for those of you who aren’t local.) The man in front of me in line turned around and told me that my face looked like I was filled with joy. I was so caught of guard by his statement, that I could hardly respond. He followed with saying that if things were bothering me, I looked like I wasn’t letting anything get me down.

Be the Change You Wish to SeeI can’t stop thinking about this experience. For several years now, I’ve been making a conscious effort to radiate more positivity. My goal has been to brighten the days of people around me and to see beauty in everyday life. However, I’m not a positive person by nature. As a matter of a fact, my instinct is to immediately think of the worst scenario. When I recognized that this was my tendency, I knew I didn’t want to be that way. I see people on a daily basis that have a negative outlook on everything…people who leave you feeling worse rather than better after being around them. I knew I didn’t want to be that person. I wanted to see the best in people…give them room to make mistakes and grow. I didn’t want to be the person always coming down on everyone else. I wanted to walk away from every conversation feeling like I left someone feeling better than they did before I arrived.

Of course, this hasn’t been an easy journey. It’s very difficult to realize that you’re shifting towards negativity and make yourself stop. It’s even more difficult to correct something that’s habitual and a part of who you are. Undoubtably, I’ve failed many times. However, I’ve kept trying. Last week’s conversation with the gentleman in front of me was a huge milestone in this process. I wasn’t talking to him. I don’t even know that I’d looked directly at him yet. He made his comment out of the blue, after being near me for less than 60 seconds. It left me feeling amazing! I felt like all of the times that I made myself think positively have paid off at least somewhat since a stranger could see positivity in me.

Today is a New DayIf you find yourself leaning towards negativity or think of yourself as a pessimistic person, know that you don’t have to be that way. You CAN change the way you think. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 83. If you don’t like how you feel or the impact you’re leaving on others, you can be different! It certainly won’t be easy, but my scenario proves that it can be done. I’m sure this is a battle that I’ll fight most of my life, but it’s certainly worthwhile when someone tells you that you’ve shined a little light into their life.

On top of this conversation with the gentleman, the cashier recognized me. She worked at the Brookshire’s in my hometown and remembered me coming in when I was in high school. I hesitate to say this…..but that was almost 10 years ago! I’ve often been told that I have a memorable face, but how amazing that a man compliments me out of the blue and then the cashier recognizes me from years ago.

Small Acts Change the WorldYou think you can’t make an impact on someone, even a stranger? Wrong. As a matter of a fact, you have the opportunity to make an impact on every single person you come in contact with. What sort of impact is it going to be? Positive or negative? It’s your choice.

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