October Goals

October Goals (2)Somehow I went to sleep one day in September and woke up to October 1st! I don’t know how it got here, but it’s October now and I’m excited about it. The weather was nice and cool in Louisiana for the beginning of October and it just felt right.

September pretty much flew by, so when I looked at my September goals, I realized I didn’t quite accomplish as much as I’d hoped. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t really accomplish most of them until October 5…when I sat down to write this post to be exact. You appreciate my honesty, right??

My full disclosure above brings me to a couple of thoughts. First, sharing my September goals was a good thing because even though I didn’t accomplish most of those things in September, I knocked them out quickly when I realized I was going to have to report back to you guys this month.

Secondly, the timeline doesn’t really matter than much. I could easily have gotten discouraged because I didn’t accomplish everything in the time-frame I set for myself. However, the important part is that it still got done! Have you dropped the ball on something lately? Don’t fret. Get back on that horse and knock it out! (Not the horse, of course.) How you get to the finish line really doesn’t matter that much. The finished product is what counts, so set aside your frustrations or failed attempts and mark that item off your list!

Here’s what I accomplished from my September goals (even if I did some of it in October):

  1. Closet: Lots of progress! It’s not a finished project, but we’re getting there.
  2. Kitchen: Most of the boxes are unpacked, and we’ve cooked several meals in there. We still have approximately 5-8 boxes left to handle.
  3. Unpack major boxes: I have certainly made a dent in the boxes. Our bedroom is clear of anything that doesn’t belong in there, and most of the dining room boxes have been emptied. Progress feels good!
  4. Garage sale: Didn’t quite make it to this one. The new goal is October 18. (That’s my only free Saturday in October.)
  5. Hang 5 things on the walls: We hung the first items on the wall on October 5. I’m totally counting that as a win!
  6. Using the master bath: Didn’t quite make this one either but once we get the shower curtain up, we’ll be almost ready!
  7. Settle on living room furniture placement: Is this even possible?? I’ve moved the couch 4 times. It’s staying where it is for now, so I’ll mark this one as a win too.
  8. Purchase a shower curtain: It’s not the Anthro ship curtain that I’m drooling over, but I ordered one that’ll do for the hall bath…..on October 4.
  9. Halloween party: We are having a small party, so I can mark this one off too!

BedroomSince blogging my September goals helped me get so much done, I’m going to try it again for October. This month I hope to:

  1. Put up fall/Halloween decor.
  2. Host a Halloween party.
  3. Begin using the master bath. (Let’s see if this one gets marked off on round two.)
  4. Empty every box in the dining room. (This is a big one!)
  5. Bring the dining table in from storage.
  6. Do something with the boxes in the foyer. (Most of the boxes are photo albums and keepsake-type items. It’s time to get serious about what “stuff” I keep in this house and decide what should get to stay. Even if these boxes aren’t emptied this month, I’d like them tucked away somewhere other than our entry way.)
  7. Finish all kitchen boxes.
  8. Put down another rug. (I don’t even care where it goes…I just want rugs on the floor!)

So there you have it! I’m determined to get this house in order. I’m also determined to not keep any of the extra stuff that we don’t really need. I’m ready to have free time instead of always having a house to work on. It’s time to make that dream a reality!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month? I also plan on drinking lots of coffee and wearing cozy sweaters. You too? Let’s be friends.

3 thoughts on “October Goals”

  1. You’re so funny… we should totally be friends;)

    I am LOVING getting to just sit and read your blog, in case you haven’t noticed!

    1. You talked me in to it…let’s be friends! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the reading. You can be president of my fan club if you’d like. Let’s talk details over coffee!

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