October Goals

October Goals. See more at pamelapetrus.comI feel a tad weird jotting down October goals because isn’t it like July?? October is Halloween and almost Thanksgiving…which leads right to Christmas…and I feel like there’s no possible way that it’s time for all of that. My Google calendar hasn’t let me down yet though, so I suppose it is indeed October 1.

In all honesty, I struggled a bit to set goals for this month. It felt hard to wrap my mind around the time of year and what I’d like to accomplish right now. These are the relatively simple items that I decided on.

  1. Finish two books. I’ve started reading again lately and I’ve decided that I really enjoy it when it’s something within the categories I mentioned here. This month, I hope to finish two books, one of which I’m already a good ways in to. I’ll likely have to give up a bit of Instagram and Pinterest time to make this happen. *gasp* Hopefully the weather will turn cooler and a fuzzy blanket will be involved too.
  2. Attempt a capsule wardrobe. I’ve seen this wardrobe approach  for some time now and it felt much too big of a task for me to accomplish. I just had too many clothes. Since I’ve pared down my closet so much lately, I’m thinking about giving it a whirl. I don’t feel pressured to get down to the exact number of recommended items, so I’m thinking of trying the approach somewhat loosely for now. Making a plan and consciously choosing the clothes I wear seems like a fun and rewarding task.
  3. Buy one light fixture. I found several light fixtures that I liked after the sink situation  and I haven’t ordered a single one. Actually making the commitment and purchasing one feels scary to me. However, I’m going to make it a point to order at least one this month!
  4. Burn more candles. I have tendency of saving the “nice” candles for a special occasion. This means I have a drawer of candles that I hardly use. This month, I want to burn them in celebration of the average day!
  5. Make progress in our new office. We’re been working on turning our guest room into a guest room/home office. We made a ton of progress right at first and I’ve somewhat stalled out. My goal isn’t to finish it this month. However, I hope to make a tiny amount of progress.

Interested in knowing how I did on last months’ goals? Well, wait no longer!

  1. I was 100% present for girl time! I got to see both my Tennessee cousin and my two best friends this month! For both events, I worked very, very little and focused on spending quality time with them. I loved getting this opportunity and look forward to doing it again very soon.
  2. I didn’t necessarily complete 2-3 house projects, although I did get several small things done around the house. I could stretch reality a bit and say that I made 2 or 3 big and wonderful things happen. While I did make some progress here and there, it wasn’t the 2 or 3 big items that I’d hoped for. Lesson Learned: I need to be more intentional about my house progress. It’s not going to happen on its own.
  3. I did review my 2015 goals and I’m happy to report that I’ve made progress on more of them that I thought! Even though I’d decided to focus on just one goal, I’ve made a bit of unintentional progress on several of the others. That’s great news!

September was a great, relaxing month for me, which I’m very happy about. I’m also looking forward to October because I’m hoping that any day now there will be a cool breeze lingering about. Fingers crossed for a cozy, easy-going, spectacular month for us all!

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