Lovely Lady Letters

Lovely Lady LettersSomething happens as little girls grow into women. Somewhere during the transition into womanhood they lose that confidence and security they once had. I’m hoping to make a difference in that. Every month for the rest of the year, I’m going to send one fantastic lady a card highlighting just ten of the reasons why she’s so rad. I’m calling this project Lovely Lady Letters, and I want you to join me.

10 months

10 ladies

10 compliments

My hope is that these 10 ladies will also send out 10 letters and that we can spread this initiative around a bit. Just think, if you received a letter in the mail highlighting ten reasons why someone admires you, wouldn’t that make you feel amazing?? We all deserve this feeling, so let’s send some letters!

Lovely Lady LettersHere’s how to get started:
1. Select a group of 10 ladies that you’d like to elevate. (Or start with one and pick your recipients each month as you go.)

2. Pick a card. Don’t stress too much over this. You can even write your ten things on a piece of scrap paper. I guarantee you that the recipient won’t care what it’s written on. The important thing here is to just send it.

3. Download the insert. Just print and cut the inserts from the link below to stick in with your letters. This will encourage your friends to mail their friends and show them just how to do it. (I printed mine on cardstock but paper is fine too. Again, the important part is getting it sent.)

Download the insert here!

4. Mail the letter! For just 49 cents you will undoubtedly make someone’s day. Actually, they may never forget your thoughtfulness. How powerful!

That’s it! Something that costs less than $1 and takes you a matter of seconds, can create such an impact. If we each make a point to remind the ladies in our lives how special they are, hundreds of women can be touched. If you decide to join me in this initiative, please let me know! I’d love to keep a tally of how many women are receiving these Lovely Lady Letters. Let’s spread some love!

Lovely Lady Letters

If you send or receive a Lovely Lady Letter and share it on social media, use the hashtag #lovelyladyletters so we can all see!

P.S. I’m using my Happy Mail items for most of my letters, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you definitely should!

*Special thanks to the lovely and immensely talented, Amanda Quimby, for designing this adorable download for us to use!*

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