January: Review in Pictures

January in Review. Read more at pamelapetrus.comJanuary was such an awesome month. It’s naturally one of my favorites because it’s my birthday month. I also love the “fresh start” and the emphasis on goal-setting. These things combined mean January can’t help but be at the top of my list. As we welcome the month of love, I decided to highlight a few of my favorite moments from this past month.

  1. We finally hung curtains in the living room! It’s been a year and a half since we’ve been in this house…with no curtains. I chose to add these to the month of memories because this overdue change made such a difference in the room, and I feel so happy and accomplished every time I look at them.
  2.  I started working on my daily step goal! I’m not doing super awesome at it. I’ll admit it. However, progress is better than perfection, and I’m definitely more aware of my activity level these days.
  3.  All the houses! January has started off with a bang in the real estate arena. I’m so thankful for a good jump on the year, and I’m so very excited about the growth/changes on the horizon. (P.S. Be sure to let me know when you hear of someone looking to buy/sell a house. I can help anywhere in the US!)
  4.  Our dining room got a bit of a makeover. This photo symbolizes the changes we’ve made in our dining room to create a temporary workspace for my growing team. It also shows that I’m keeping some plants alive (a 2016 goal) and that I FINALLY pulled out this adorable print that I ordered almost 3 years ago. This photo celebrates a lot of milestones and progress for the month.
  5.  I celebrated my 30th birthday!!! We definitely couldn’t recap the month without mentioning this fact. It was definitely the highlight of my month.
  6.  I chose a word for the year and talked about it here on the blog. I’ve already had multiple opportunities to practice being courageous.
  7. I’m painting! I set up a painting nook, and I’ve done some random painting lately. I also talked about some hesitations and developments in the area here.
  8.  This truly is my year. I know without a doubt that 2016 is going to be one of those fundamental, unforgettable years. Big things are going to happen. I just know it. This photo represents the time I spent goal-setting and planning for the year.
  9. I worked on several house projects! One magical day, Matthew and I got so much done around the house. This photo is from a project in my closet room, and I’m happy to report that this room is so close to being “finished.”

Hooray for a productive month! I feel like it’s been waaaay longer than just 31 days, and I’m thrilled about how much was accomplished. I’m also VERY encouraged for the rest of the year. If as much happens the rest of the year as it has in January, I can only imagine what all I’ll have to report in December!

Looking back on the month like this is fun! I think I might start a new tradition. Hello, February…can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

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