Have Courage & Be Kind

Cinderella quoteI created this sketch as one of my very first projects when I started the 100 day project. It was shortly after the release of the new Cinderella movie and the quote had really stuck with me. Ever since sketching it, I’ve had it hanging on the mirror where I get dressed every morning, and I see it often as I walk to and from my closet room. I also set the photo as the screen saver on my phone. I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with positivity and this sign is one of the reminders that I thought I’d like to have daily. After seeing it for several weeks, I started having a few thoughts on what it actually meant for me.

courage – noun: the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.

It made me think about what it means to have courage. In the obvious sense of the word, it means to do things that you’re afraid of. We typically think of courage as facing a certain fear, like skydiving even though you’re afraid of heights. While it’s a great reminder to have that sort if courage, for me it means a little more.

I chose to surround myself with this reminder because I want to constantly have the courage to have difficult conversations. To ask hard questions or to ask for more from people. I want to be courageous so that I keep doing and dreaming, even when other people tell me I can’t. I want to have the courage to be my true self, even when I’m afraid to let people close to me. I want to be courageous enough to write and share my thoughts here, even when people don’t understand why I blog. I want to be brave enough to keep going when my feelings are hurt, rather than letting it stop me in my tracks. I want be courageous enough to compliment strangers…to tell them sweet things that they’d love to hear. I want to have the courage to live a bold, unwavering life, even when the people around me don’t do the same.

Yes, I do want to have the courage to try new and exciting things. However, for me, being courageous in my every day life is more important. I want to approach each small, daily task with courage and bravery. To me, how you live your daily life is what makes up the sum of your entire life. Most of us aren’t faced with the opportunity to climb mountains or jump from airplanes every day. However, we do have the opportunity to face our own feelings. We have the opportunity to have real conversations with people, and we have the opportunity to be who we really want to be. Without demonstrating courage in our daily lives, we run the risk of life slipping right past us. We run the risk of missing out on wonderful opportunities and not ever learning who we actually are.

Of course, you should have the courage to explore amazing adventures. Today though, I charge you to show some courage in your daily life. Maybe you want to ask for a promotion. Do it. Maybe you’ve thought that lady at the coffee shop has beautiful hair. Tell her. Maybe there’s a dish at a local restaurant that you haven’t tried. Taste it. Maybe you’ve needed to talk to someone about some tough things going on in your life. Make that call. There are a million and one ways that we can demonstrate courage daily. What will you do today that’s courageous? Remember, the reward is often worth so much more than the risk it takes to reach it. Do something courageous today. And then tomorrow too. It’s totally worth it.

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