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Happy Mail PackageAs you may remember, I was thrilled to be one of the first to sign up for the A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail program I’ve received three editions of the mailing so far, and I thought it was time for a little recap. I also had a bit of a revelation around this product that I figured I’d share.

Happy Mail PackageAfter sorting through mythird package, I began feeling a little discouraged. I now had several “I love you this much” and “I love you because” cards, and I felt like I didn’t have anyone to send them to. Matthew would be getting a card from me daily if I reserved all of these cards for him! Frustration began to set in because I really wanted to use these beautiful cards, but I didn’t want to give every single one of them to my husband. Then it hit me.

I love more people than just my husband.

The more I thought about it, the more that I realized how appropriate these cards were for other people in my life. Honestly, I don’t think that we tell others how we feel about them nearly enough. I know for a fact that I don’t. Sending cards are my top way of communicating. Get a card from me? It means that I care. Sending a card with a little note is how I communicate best. After some thought, I saw a way to use these fantastic “love you” cards to show people that I truly care.

I came to this realization while reading through Elise’s Use Your Stash E-course. I’m pretty sure that this course was written for me. I am the queen of holding on to things for later. I save my favorite things for a bigger and better project, which means most of these things never get used. This is especially true for greeting cards. I save the fancy cards for the perfect person/occasion, which means they usually stay tucked away in a drawer. When I signed up for Happy Mail, I made a commitment to myself to use these products. I knew that I’d want to hang on to them. I knew that it would take some self-talk and hard work to make myself actually send these items instead of keeping them to look at. I happened to be reading through the stash e-course on the same day that I received my third kit, and it was a great reminder to just send those cards!!

Happy Mail Package Happy Mail PackageHere are a few people that might like to know that you care:

  • parents and grandparents
  • siblings
  • aunts and uncles
  • friends
  • coworkers
  • your hairdresser
  • that store clerk that always brightens your mood (Hey, you might even marry them one day!)
  • your favorite barista

This list is just a starting point for the people that you could reach out to. Take some time to think about who those people are in your life that always bring a smile to your face…those people that always go above and beyond to help you. Do they know how thankful you are for them?

I love that the combination of this e-course and the Happy Mail subscription opened my eyes to ways of showing people that I care about them. I’m very excited to be sending out “I love you” cards to friends and family instead of reserving them all for Matthew. (Sorry, babe.) You can never tell someone that you care too much. You’ll most likely regret not saying “I love you” enough rather than too much.

Make it a point to tell someone that you care today! Better yet, send a few cards (or texts or emails) letting someone know that they’re loved. I guarantee that’ll they be immensely grateful, and you’ll probably make their day. If you make a commitment to show your love this week, please let me know. We can work on this together!

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