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condo living monroe laOne of the main questions I get from people I haven’t seen in a bit is, “How do you like living in the condos?” The short answer — I love it! Here’s what I  like about it:

My tip top favorite thing about living here is being on the water and the views. My camera roll is full of photos of that bridge in different lights. The clouds are beautiful and I wake up every morning to the sunrise in my bedroom window. Not being a “morning person,” having that view to see when I first wake up is motivation to go ahead and open my sleepy eyes! Sunny days, cloudy days, and stormy days — they’re all a beauty on the river.

Ouachita River, Monroe LAI love being on the water. They say water has healing powers and I’ve always been calmed and inspired at the water’s edge. Poet Erin Hanson says, “leave your worries by the shoreline,” and I’ve done just that. I can’t get enough of the sites and sounds of that mighty river.

The location of this building is superb! I can get anywhere I need to be, Monroe or West Monroe, in a matter of minutes. I’m in walking distance from Antique Alley and can easily scamper over for a coffee at Miss Kay’s or lunch at Roma. The best part? I don’t have to find parking for all of the downtown events! I’m looking at you, art crawl

Ouachita River night sky, Monroe LAThere’s practically no maintenance on my end. Because it’s a condo, most of the maintenance is handled by someone else. There’s a pool, a gym, covered parking, and river access, and I don’t have to take care of any of it! I’m only responsible for taking care of things inside my actual unit. Sorry, you still have to vacuum if you move here. 

I love the amenities. I mentioned some of the condo perks above and they’re worth mentioning again. I canceled my gym membership when I moved here (Ok, I hardly went anyway. Stop being so judgmental.) so I saved a few bucks there. If you work out (or need to), it’s very convenient to be able to run down to the on-site gym and then hop right back up and shower/get ready. No driving across town, using nasty gym showers, etc. Also, did I mention the pool?? You get full use of a beautiful pool and patio and never have to lift a finger for it!

It’s safe. These units are gated, so you must have approved access to be able to enter. This adds an extra level of security and I’ve never felt uncomfortable getting out of my car at night or anything of the sort. People are often coming and going so that adds some extra comfort too.

living room at the condoThat balcony. I seriously spend the majority of my time sitting out there. It’s beautiful, cozy, and simple. No yard to maintain or patio to clean. If I want have my coffee outside, which I often do, I simply walk out, sit down, and sip. When I’m done, I go back inside and that’s it. No fretting over the flower beds that need tending or that old swing that needs to be painted. I love being outside and that balcony makes that happen for me with a simplicity that I love. Sit and enjoy it — that’s all you have to do.

Let’s talk about those views again. The water, downtown, the sunrise, the beautiful sky and clouds, boats passing — there’s so much to see and enjoy, and the views are never the same. I can never get enough of it or enough photos. The huge windows play a part in this. The view is inspiring and relaxing, two things that the place you call home should always be.

Ouachita River, Monroe LAI really have no complaints about living here and I’m very glad I chose this place. People have asked if it’s like “apartment living” since it’s a shared building and it’s nothing like that in my opinion. You’re most certainly in your own world once you step into your unit. Mine is 3 bedrooms/2 baths and is actually pretty comparable to the size of my last house! It’s doesn’t feel cramped or crowded and I don’t have to jab the ceiling with a broom handle to shush my neighbors. Is that just on TV?? In short, I truly love it here.

If you want more info about condo life or think it could be for you, hit me up. I have a unit available for sale here and would be happy to show it to you. (Here’s the link.) There are a few other units available for rent or purchase, and we could look at those too! If you’re a busy person and would rather spend your weekends doing fun things over mowing the yard again, you should seriously consider Riverplace Condominiums as an option. As always, if you have questions or want to set appointments, you can reach me at (318) 614-5022 or pamela @ pamelapetrus .com. I’ll probably be out on the balcony.

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