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October Goals

October Goals. See more at pamelapetrus.comI feel a tad weird jotting down October goals because isn’t it like July?? October is Halloween and almost Thanksgiving…which leads right to Christmas…and I feel like there’s no possible way that it’s time for all of that. My Google calendar hasn’t let me down yet though, so I suppose it is indeed October 1.

In all honesty, I struggled a bit to set goals for this month. It felt hard to wrap my mind around the time of year and what I’d like to accomplish right now. These are the relatively simple items that I decided on.

  1. Finish two books. I’ve started reading again lately and I’ve decided that I really enjoy it when it’s something within the categories I mentioned here. This month, I hope to finish two books, one of which I’m already a good ways in to. I’ll likely have to give up a bit of Instagram and Pinterest time to make this happen. *gasp* Hopefully the weather will turn cooler and a fuzzy blanket will be involved too.
  2. Attempt a capsule wardrobe. I’ve seen this wardrobe approach  for some time now and it felt much too big of a task for me to accomplish. I just had too many clothes. Since I’ve pared down my closet so much lately, I’m thinking about giving it a whirl. I don’t feel pressured to get down to the exact number of recommended items, so I’m thinking of trying the approach somewhat loosely for now. Making a plan and consciously choosing the clothes I wear seems like a fun and rewarding task.
  3. Buy one light fixture. I found several light fixtures that I liked after the sink situation  and I haven’t ordered a single one. Actually making the commitment and purchasing one feels scary to me. However, I’m going to make it a point to order at least one this month!
  4. Burn more candles. I have tendency of saving the “nice” candles for a special occasion. This means I have a drawer of candles that I hardly use. This month, I want to burn them in celebration of the average day!
  5. Make progress in our new office. We’re been working on turning our guest room into a guest room/home office. We made a ton of progress right at first and I’ve somewhat stalled out. My goal isn’t to finish it this month. However, I hope to make a tiny amount of progress.

Interested in knowing how I did on last months’ goals? Well, wait no longer!

  1. I was 100% present for girl time! I got to see both my Tennessee cousin and my two best friends this month! For both events, I worked very, very little and focused on spending quality time with them. I loved getting this opportunity and look forward to doing it again very soon.
  2. I didn’t necessarily complete 2-3 house projects, although I did get several small things done around the house. I could stretch reality a bit and say that I made 2 or 3 big and wonderful things happen. While I did make some progress here and there, it wasn’t the 2 or 3 big items that I’d hoped for. Lesson Learned: I need to be more intentional about my house progress. It’s not going to happen on its own.
  3. I did review my 2015 goals and I’m happy to report that I’ve made progress on more of them that I thought! Even though I’d decided to focus on just one goal, I’ve made a bit of unintentional progress on several of the others. That’s great news!

September was a great, relaxing month for me, which I’m very happy about. I’m also looking forward to October because I’m hoping that any day now there will be a cool breeze lingering about. Fingers crossed for a cozy, easy-going, spectacular month for us all!

September Goals

September GoalsSeptember’s page in my Get To Work Book  sums up my thought process for the month entirely. Since I can remember, I’ve let 1,000 ideas hinder me from accomplishing anything. I have a ton of ideas, get overwhelmed by them, and then do nothing. Last month, I hired a new assistant and with her help, I’m looking forward to finally making some of the ideas a reality. Therefore, on the work front, my main goal for the month is implementation. We’ve made a plan and now we’ll start tackling one project at a time until we reach world domination. Just kidding…sort of.

In addition to this large work goal, I’m hoping to take on a few personal items this month too.

  1. I want to be 100% present for girl time this month. I’m very fortunate to be looking forward to a bit of time with my cousin in Tennessee that I see hardly enough and to have a little, tiny girls trip planned for the end of the month. I get to spend so little time with these people that I love, that I really want to soak up the time that I’ll have this month.
  2. Complete 2 or 3 house projects. After sharing the home tour this week, I found a resurgence of motivation to make my ideas for this house come to life. I know from experience that I better take advantage of this inspiration while it’s here and actually do some of the things I have in my head. I don’t intend to ever be “finished” with this house. However, I do want to be in a place where I’m making little tweaks here and there rather than having a monstrous list of big projects.
  3. Review my 2015 goals. I abandoned most of these goals earlier this year and with good reason. However, I’d like to look back through them, think about what I’ve done so far this year, and decide if I want to pick any of them back up. After all, there are only 4 months left of this year!

All in all, my goals for September are fairly simple. I think the big idea is to just implement, both at home and at work. I’m working hard to break that habit of sitting on ideas until I have plenty of time, money, and resources…which never exists.

Looking back at August, I was pretty successful!

  1. I did quite a bit of watercolor practice!
  2. I played around with Periscope, even though it’s a bit nerve wracking for me. (You can follow me @pamelapetrus!)
  3. I did make an important business decision, even if I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to look like yet.
  4. I shared the home tour. It was at the last minute and scary, yet I did it!
  5. I am absolutely moving more slowly in the mornings and it’s made a HUGE difference. I switched my morning routine to have my coffee before getting dressed and it’s helped me take it more slowly and enjoy the moment more. I’m expecting this to make a big difference for me over time.

August was a great month and I’m thinking September will be pretty awesome too. I took a quick look at my goals from this time last year, and it’s amazing how much has changed in a year. That post seems like ages ago and I distinctly remember that feeling of overwhelm as we were drowning in boxes. I’m happy with how far we’ve come in a year, and I’m looking forward to a strong ending for 2015. I hope you are too. Also, I do still think September is my favorite month. How could it not be??

P.S. Those filler flowers from the August post are the same ones in today’s photo! You should buy them for every room in your house because apparently they live forever.

August Goals

AugustI’ve taken a bit of a break from setting monthly goals lately and it’s been a much needed recess. I think it’s important to notice when you need to hit the pause button and to respect the natural ebb and flow of your priorities. I needed a bit of time to readjust and choose what my focus was going to be. After giving myself a few months to just be, I’m walking away with a bit more clarity on what I’d like to work towards right now.

That being said, I’m setting some goals for August, and I’m happy to be back on the goal-setting wagon. Here’s what I’m hoping to do this month:

  1. Attempt watercolor. I bought the supplies over a month ago and I’ve been a bit scared to dive in. Ann Marie shared a link to a free watercolor video done by Michael’s, and I watched the entire thing at 4:00 am when I couldn’t sleep. I can’t wait to try it now! (There are a few different free tutorial videos there that you might like to see. They’re only free through August 22 though, so be sure to check them out quickly!)
  2. Start doing video. Doing videos has been on my mental list for a while. I’m a bit nervous to get started because I know the amount of work that’s involved. I’m not a huge fan of video editing and I don’t like to hear my own voice, so I’ve been subconsciously avoiding getting started. However, I’ve put it off for too long and it’s time to either do it…or don’t. I suppose we’ll know my decision by the end of the month! Speaking of video, I’m now on Periscope. If you’re there too, follow me @PamelaPetrus!
  3. Decide yes or no. This one is going to be a bit vague, and I apologize for that. I’ve been toying around with an important business idea for a little over a month now, and I really need to decide whether I’m going to take the leap or not. I don’t like to sit and stew over things for months and months. For my own peace of mind, I need to decide whether I’m going to do it or move on. I hope to firmly make that decision in the coming weeks.
  4. Share a “currently” home feature. It’s been one year since we bought our home! I’ve felt a bit down and out about how many projects still remain unfinished (or not even started). However, after looking through the before photos, I realized how far we’ve come. We still have miles to go before we sleep (yes, that’s Robert Frost), yet I think I should take time to celebrate the progress. Sharing before/after photos tends to make me crazily nervous. I never really feel “finished” so I tend to not share. I saw something online recently that showed before, during, and “much better” photos. I feel way more comfortable with the concept of “much better” than “done,” so I’m hoping to share a big progress report this month. Please hold me to that!
  5. Move more slowly in the mornings. I’m learning that I need a bit of extra time to get going in the morning. Days where I move slowly and do something for myself before starting my work day feel heavenly. I want to give myself a bit of freedom and create more days like this for myself. Some days it’ll mean that I rise a bit earlier. Some days I’ll start work later. Either way, I’m hoping to protect my mornings this month and to see how that affects my overall day.

It honestly feels quite nice to be back in the goal-setting circuit. I knew that I needed a break, and I’m thankful to have had it. I couldn’t set goals when my mind felt so foggy and full. I’m feeling a bit more clear now though, so I’m charging forward to bigger and better things.

Do you have anything you’d like to work towards this month? Let’s talk about it!

Monthly Goals – May

May FlowersWell, it’s May already. Are you as shocked by that as I am?? I sat down to write my usual monthly goals post and then realized that I just couldn’t do it. I’m not ready to set monthly goals again yet. At first I was all like, “Geez, Pamela. You skipped last month too. You really need to get it together.”

Then I realized something important. I don’t have to set monthly goals. I don’t actually have to set any goals at all. (Although, that would drastically affect my success and productivity.) If you clink on my goal tag you’ll quickly and easily see that setting goals is my jam. It’s likely one of those things that I’ll be known for. It’s how I operate and what I’m good at.

However, sometimes you just gotta take a break from things. Sometimes you have to hit pause on your regular activities and come back to them later when it feels right. That’s what I’m doing here. My work schedule isn’t really conducive to a ton of personal development or house projects right now. Plus, I’m in the middle of BOLD (a very intense real estate class) and working diligently on #the100dayproject. So, rather than feeling guilty for “getting off track,” I’m going to cut myself some slack and not worry too much about ditching the monthly goals for a bit.

Have you ever hit pause on something and came back to it later? If so, I’d love to hear how that worked for you. I’m sure that I’ll pick these monthly goals back up soon. For now, I’ll be selling all of the houses, calling all of the people, and making all of the crafty projects.

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#the100dayproject Progress Report

100 Days Project (12)Re-Purposed Muffin Tins100 Days Project (2)100 Days Project (3)100 Days Project (4)100 Days Project (5)100 Days Project (6)Business Owner100 Days Project (8)100 Days Project (9)100 Days Project (10)100 Days Project (11)

Day 4 – I used my ABM happy mail to send lovely lady letters to some fabulous friends!
Day 5- I re-purposed muffin tins to use for earring organization!
Day 6- I FINALLY painted the wooden rod for my DIY rope curtain.
Day 7- I framed a card (from elisejoy‘s packaging) & got it ready to complete a gallery wall.
Day 8- I did a bit of miscellaneous painting. 🎨
Day 9- I added a third coat + touch ups!
Day 10- I added a bit of sparkle and called it DONE!
Day 11- I doodled my BOLD law that I focused on for the week.
Day 12- I made these yummy pineapple mojito cupcakes!
Day 13- I quickly free-handed a 4×6 card.
Day 14-  Made another black & white painting (my fav)!
Day 15- Signed up for the Sew With Us e-course from A Beautiful Mess!

I’ve been participating in #the100dayproject for some time, and I’ve learned a lot already. Overall, I’ve done fairly well with the project. Although, I did fall behind early in the project and had to play catchup.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:
1. Committing to something for 100 days is tough!! If I were being completely honest, I’d say that I have slight commitment issues. They pop up from time to time, and I think it stems from my fear of being locked down. I also struggle with the thought of having to do something (even something that I enjoy) repetitively. I need my day to look different each day and the thought of repetition makes me want to run for the hills! It was on day 8 that I realized how large of a commitment I’d made. Ultimately, I had agreed to do something every single day for 100 days. I felt trapped.

After the shock wore off, I realized that this commitment was a good thing. Sometimes I might regret it or fall behind. However, the finished product would be well worth it.

2. I can get so much done!! I am certainly not a lazy person and I don’t typically come home and waste time. However, I do tend to put off tasks until I have “plenty of time” to do them. For example, I wouldn’t have sat down on a random evening and made a bracelet or painted something. Instead, I would have waited until I had an entire day off with nothing else on the agenda. Do those exists?? Not usually. Therefore, I tend to seldom get around to those crafty projects that I’d like to do. Committing to this challenge has enabled me to get so many projects done! I force myself to make time for being crafty…even when I don’t really want to sometimes. In return, I’ve marked off several items from my list AND I’ve attempted new projects.

Take jewelry making, for example. I’ve never really had much of a desire to make jewelry (other than friendship bracelets when I was 7). However, I knew I needed a few quick and easy projects that I could knock out when I was short on time and energy. Voila! I attempted something new.

3. When it comes to crafty things, I’m not at all a perfectionist. In general, I’d say that I struggle a bit with the concept of perfectionism. (Read more about that here.) In practically every other area of my life, I’ll avoid a project until I have time to do it just right. There I go again! When it comes to craft projects, that perfectionist tendency goes right out the window. I’m a champion of good enough. Take these muffin tins, for example. They had chips here and there from debris sticking to the wet paint. Totally fine. Let’s say I’m making a pillow and the seams aren’t straight. Nobody cares. When it comes to handmade items, I’m perfectly ok with good enough. This project has made me even more evident of this and I’m quite proud of it.

I think that part of the beauty of tackling a large project is how much you can learn from it. It’s a certainty that you’ll learn something about yourself or the world around you. Even though I was secretly wanting to give up on day 8, I’m glad that I pushed through and I can’t wait to see what day 100 feels like.

Have you tackled a big project like this lately? I’d love to hear what you learned!

Being a Business Owner

Business Owner (4)

If there’s one thing I could talk about all day long besides goal-setting, it’s business. It doesn’t even matter what type of business really. I just love the concept. Looking back, I can see signs that I was destined to be a business owner from day one.

I’ve opened two business so far in my short lifetime. At 23, I opened Salt & Pepper Accessory Boutique with my sister. At this point in my life, I had very little experience in knowing what all was out there in the world. I did have experience in the fashion industry, and this business came from the idea of providing affordable, out-of-the-ordinary fashion accessories to the average woman. The premise was that a shopper would get the service of a boutique store at affordable prices and that absolutely everyone would be welcomed there. Our staff was rigorously trained to make every shopper feel special, important, and wanted. I loved how we were subtlety empowering our shoppers.

After opening in 2009, we added clothing, shoes, vintage furniture/home decor, and various household goods. We also expanded and moved to a newer, larger building. Looking back, my sister and I opened a business that thrived primarily on disposable income right in the middle of a recession. Realistically, that doesn’t seem like a smart business move. However, I’ve always operated on my gut feeling and something said go for it.

Business Owner (1)

Four years after opening Salt & Pepper, I made the oh-so-tough decision to sell the business and move on to new ventures. To this day, I miss searching out the coolest, non-mainstream items for the store. Nonetheless, I love business number two and haven’t looked back.

I became a licensed realtor in June of 2013. At that time, I really had no idea where this career would take me. All I knew was that I’d always had a strong interest in the real estate industry. Shortly after becoming licensed, I created Pamela Petrus, LLC. On the surface, it looks like I show houses for a living. Sometimes my short answer to people when they ask the ever-popular what-do-you-do question is, “I sell real estate.” That’s just the short answer though. In fact, I run a business.

At this time, Pamela Petrus, LLC is a business that focuses primarily on aiding third parties in the sell and purchase of residential properties. I don’t show houses all day, and I’m not a salaried employee of Keller Williams Realty. lnstead, I am an independent contractor (self-employed) and Keller Williams is my broker.

In all honesty, I’m likely selling myself short by saying, “I sell houses.” In reality, I am a business owner. I am a professional marketer and negotiator. I study pages and pages of contracts daily. I manage communication between a host of parties involved in a single real estate transaction…bankers, lawyers, buyers, sellers, contractors, insurance agents…the list goes on and on. I possess a wealth of information, not known by the general public. I protect my clients’ investments and help them make the best decisions during what’s often the largest purchase of their lives. Frequently, I’m a counselor and I help manage emotions.

Business Owner (2)

I don’t just show houses. I do all of the tasks done by the average business owner. I advertise. I pay payroll. I research my market. I study trends and manage finances. I pay lots and lots of taxes. Undoubtedly, my paycheck comes from commission paid on the sale of a home. That’s ultimately how I pay my bills. However, it’s so much more elaborate than selling real estate as a hobby. I didn’t get into this industry to look at pretty houses everyday. I’m a professional, not a hobbyist.

In thinking about what it really means to be a business owner, sometimes I’m taken back. Sometimes, I myself, forget to treat Pamela Petrus, LLC as a business, not a job. Sometimes I’m simply amazed/proud/humbled by the fact that I’ve opened two businesses already, and I’m not even 30 years old. Most of all, I’m thankful for this business mindset that I possess and for the opportunity to do what I do.

Business Owner (3) This post came to be after a pretty humbling realization I had. I read all of the blog posts on business. Seriously, if one of my favorite bloggers writes anything about their businesses, I’m all ears (or eyes, rather). I’m always a tad jealous of how much control they have and how unapologetic they are for crafting things to be how they want. Then, it dawned on me. I, too, am a business owner with the ability to run my business how I choose. I don’t have to work with mean people. I can manage my schedule so that it provides the best life possible for my husband and I. I get to decide what I  will and won’t do and what’s next. The scary truth is, all of the decisions begin and end with me, and I get to decide how this business of mine is ran. That fact is both invigorating and immensely frightening.

What’s next? Something big. Only time will tell. I do have big plans, for sure. I have dreams of investing (rentals and remodels), coaching, and consulting. I’m not sure what each of these items will look like, yet I know they’re on the horizon. Will I open other businesses? Most likely. Will I continue to run a real estate business? Most likely. Will I constantly be looking for the next big thing for me and my family? Definitely. I truly believe that the best lives are lived by always seeking new adventures and by always looking for more. Some ventures may succeed and others may fail. However, you’ll never know which is which without making that first step.

P.S. A post on how I manage a full to-do list.
P.S.S. Click here if you’re interested in becoming a professional realtor.

Just One Goal.

progress > perfectionIf you’ve followed along here more than two days, you know that I’m no stranger to goal-setting. It’s one of my favorite topics, and it’s often how I measure my success. I’ve written about not accomplishing goals before, and I recently had another break through that I thought I’d share.

I have a tendency to want to accomplish everything. Literally everything. This shows up in practically every area of my life. Have a day off? I want to do all of the fun things. A regular day at work? I think I have to get every single thing done. Goal setting time? I’m going to work towards every single idea I had. Did you see my idea list for #the100dayproject? My mind ran wild with ideas, and I wanted to do every single one. When we started renovations on our first house, it was sooo hard for me to not do every single project at once. I probably would have done them all if the funds would have been available!

NikeWhen I was setting my goals for 2015, I had to pare them down a bit. Even after limiting myself some, I still ended up with quite a full list of goals (three separate lists actually). When I purchased these tracking sheets for monitoring my progress, I was pumped. Here’s the problem though — I was tracking too many things.

I had a sheet for exercise. A sheet for blog posts, quality time with Matthew, and 3 sheets for tracking work goals. I had 8 of the beautiful bubble sheets in a pocket folder, ready to track everything…everyday. I’m sure most of you are already seeing the problem here. I, however, did not. After all, I love marking things off and filling in bubbles! It was going to be fantastic and fun!! My thought was, I’ll keep myself motivated because I’ll enjoy getting to fill in the bubbles. Wrong.

Somewhere around the end of February, I quit using them. All of them. I wasn’t doing as well with some of my goals as I’d hoped, and I honestly couldn’t even remember what some of the sheets were for without checking them.

walking in the rainIsn’t this how we end up not accomplishing most of our goals? We fall off the wagon, lose momentum, and then give up all together? The sheets even say it – progress is more important than perfection. Even when you get off track, the important part is that you get back at it. It’s ok to lose sight of the goal every now and then…you just have to get back on track when it happens.

So…I filled in what I could remember on my sheets and then started tracking things again. I did well for a few weeks and then around mid-March, I quit again. Of course, I was getting discouraged. I was working towards some of my goals, not others. I had certainly lost momentum with tracking things, even though I loved these sheets so much. Then I had the all-important breakthrough that I’m sharing with you today. I was doing too much.

I’m currently taking BOLD through Maps Coaching at Keller Williams, which is a life-changing program. It teaches you how to grow your real estate business, yet more importantly, it teaches you how to become a better person. In my BOLD class last week, we talked about a daily habit tracker. (I immediately thought of my bubble sheets and simultaneously felt guilty for being behind yet again.) We talked about how it takes 66 days to form a habit. We’re 110 days into 2015, all of my daily tasks should now be habits! Why am I not rolling out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (what a weird saying!)? Why am I not exercising like it’s second nature?? My mind was racing.

As the coach continued, I finally had the realization that I so desperately needed. I could indeed conquer every goal in the world…I just needed to do them one at a time.  I was stretching myself too thin, dreaming of big ideas, so I wasn’t able to focus on any one task enough to make any of them happen. I was committed to becoming a better person. I truly wanted it. Those sorts of changes don’t happen overnight, though. I might still be able to accomplish all of these things in 2015. However, I’m going to need to focus on one thing at a time to do so.

goal setting sheetsSo what’s next? I’ve chosen to work on my physical fitness goal first. Rather than having a sporadic fitness plan where I work out out here and there when time allows, I am committing to making time for physical activity. It seems like the most important one to address for the time being, and it’s the one I want/need the most. I pulled my exercise bubble sheet from the portfolio and hung it on the fridge. I’ll be focused on that one goal for now. The others can wait.

I’m sharing this realization today because it was huge for me. I need to really understand this concept and remember it. Furthermore, if you struggle with trying to do too much, you could benefit from trying to pare things down a bit too. If you set a goal for the year and then quit in the first quarter like I did, understand that it’s not over. I really considered giving up since my track record for the first quarter wasn’t so impressive. Don’t do it!! We still have the majority of 2015 left to readjust and make magic happen. If you’re not sticking with your goals, simply reevaluate and make adjustments. If you’re committed and approaching things the right way, you will win. I simply can’t way to see what this adjustment does for my goal-setting process. I also can’t wait to see what it does for you!

Speaking of goal-setting, I pre-ordered the Get To Work Book from Elise, and I can’t wait to get it in my hands!!


100 Days of Making

(photo via The Great Discontent)

When I saw details for #the100dayproject  (via EliseJoy),  I knew I had to participate! I’m always the first to get behind any sort of daily challenge. (I’m also probably the first to fall behind half way through…no judging!)

The premise behind this project is that you make something daily for 100 days. Can you just imagine what all you could get done by making something every day for 100 days?? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make something or do something…I just knew I wanted to participate somehow.

#100DayProjectI actually had quite a bit of trouble deciding which project I wanted to tackle. I made a rather lengthy list and then deliberated for hours on what to do. By deliberated, I mean practically stressed over it and sent waaay too many text messages to Amanda for her opinion.

Nonetheless, I finally made a decision! I decided to go with 100 days of crafty things! I wanted something that had a bit of flexibility, so I left my topic a bit open ended. (I didn’t want to have to work on the same type of project every day.) As of right now, I envision my daily tasks being a variety of things. Some days I’ll paint. Some days I might finish decorating an area of my home, make something new, or learn a new, crafty skill.

Regardless of what actual task I complete each day, my focus is to actually do something fulfilling each day. Most days I am completely exhausted by the time I get home from work, and I tend to put off all of the fun projects I’d like to do. By participating in the 100 days project, I’m hoping to reserve a bit of time each day for creating/doing something fun.

gift wrappinghandmade braceletCinderella quoteWhat have I done so far?
Day 1: wrapped a wedding present and made a gift tag for it
Day 2: made a bracelet
Day 3: doodled a quote from Cinderella for my mirror
Day 4: I’m planning to work on some crafty Lovely Lady Letters!

Think you might like to participate? It’s not too late! Go to the site and register. The project continues until July 14, 2015. You can play catch up if you’d like, skip a few of the first days, or continue on past July 14….whatever your heart desires! If you do decide to participate, let me know! I’d love to follow along.

If you’d like to keep up with what I’ll be doing through this project, you can follow #100daysofcraftythings on IG (@pamelapetrus). Happy crafting!

No Clutter!

no clutterI’ve posted a lot about goals on the blog lately. Yearly goals, monthly goals and just miscellaneous goals in general. While sitting on the couch one Sunday, completely exhausted from working on our house for days like a mad woman, I realized that my biggest goal for this place is to get to a point where I don’t have to work on it.

I want to be in a position where things feel ok. I want to be in a place where Matthew and I can take spontaneous weekend trips or spend the afternoons biking or sitting on the patio. I want to go sit and chat at Starbucks or explore our neighborhood. I don’t want to always feel like I have to work on this house nonstop.

I’m sure these feelings are common for people moving in to a new home, but I remember feeling them until the day we moved from our rent house. I never finished that house. I never felt like things made sense, and I never felt like I could sit and take a breather there.

Today, I’m happy to finally put this unspoken goal into words. I’m not hoping to have a perfect home that’s always clean and wonderfully decorated. (Although, I do hope to get my head wrapped around the decor soon.) I understand that nothing will ever be perfect, and I actually hope that our home will always continue to evolve as we find new things that we love or make this place work better for us. However, I do expect to end up with a home that’s free of clutter. I want emptied boxes and closets that aren’t crammed to the brim. I want to be able to easily replace and remove items from their drawers, and I want everything to have a place to go. Basically, I don’t want any excess.

For many years, I’ve kept extra things around as a false sense of security. I found comfort in having things and I attached sentimental value to the silliest of items. When moving into this house, I decided that it was time to part ways with some of the stuff. Parting with the extra things, will make my daily life so much easier, less stressful, and more rewarding. Having a home to come to that’s a reflection of myself (extra clutter is not a reflection of who I am), will make such a huge difference in my overall well-being and feelings about myself and my home.

I’ve read lots of blogs on clutter-free living and creating spaces that work for you and your lifestyle instead of just housing your junk. Since Matthew and I have been married, I’ve done so much better at not holding on to so much stuff. Part of my problem is that I attach sentimental value to practically everything. The other part is that I hate to get rid of something that I’ve spent my hard-earned money on and that I’m afraid I might need/want later. Nonetheless, something can be said for learning to part with the extra stuff…only keeping that things you love and need.

I’m right on the brink of reaching this goal. Honestly, just the progress that I’ve made recently feels so rewarding. Knowing that I’m on the brink of feeling better about my world is such an invigorating feeling. I feel encouraged and inspired, and I know that I’ll feel even more amazing once the last item has found a home.

Now that this goal is out in the open, I have no choice but to make it happen. I’m determined to make this dream a reality. I’m determined to get to a point where our home is a place of relaxation, not of work. Need to declutter your home and let go of some extra baggage? Join me! I’d love to talk about our progress and ideas along the way. How do you feel about clutter? Do you tend to keep extra items or is it easy for you to part with things?

March Goals + February Review

A Beautiful Mess Planner_March GoalsBelieve it or not, we’re two full months into 2015! I’ll let that sink in for a bit…. If you’re like me, that blows your mind a little. Nonetheless, the show much go on. I didn’t set many goals for February, but I’m happy to report that I accomplished all three of them! *Cue the hallelujah chorus.* Here’s my happy report:

1. I attended Family Reunion and came home with several great ideas! I can’t wait to spend some time developing them and getting them into practice.

2. Matthew and I celebrated Valentine’s Day. Even though I almost backed out at the last minute, I pulled it together and made something happen. (By the way, we watched the full SNL 40th Anniversary together the next night, and I’m sort of counting that as an extension of our Valentine’s Day celebration.)

3. I hung MORE THAN three things on the walls!! I think I’m most excited about this one. We have several new things hanging here and there AND we installed a new gallery wall in our bathroom. I can’t wait to show you!!

I’m pretty pumped at how much I got done in February. I’ve even more impressed by the fact that I got so much done even though we had our fair share of wet, crummy, and cold weather. Isn’t it super easy to stay curled up under a blanket and read the internet when the weather is gross?? I’m giving myself two thumbs up for still being productive, despite the yucky weather.

What’s on the agenda for March, you ask? Quite a bit. Here are my basic goals for the month:

1. Spend lots of time with Matthew. Since he just wrapped up nursing school, I’m hoping that we finally get to spend some quality time together! We have a bit of time before he starts his new job, so I’m going to soak up as much husband/wife time as possible this month.

2. Travel to Dallas for the weekend. Matthew and I are planning a quick trip to Dallas, TX. This is mainly to get some items we need for the house, but it’s also for quality time together and to celebrate his graduation. Plus, we’re meeting some friends there…can’t wait!

3. Square away three areas of my home. Yes, this is a little vague. However, I want to leave some wiggle room. I’m not sure what all we’ll find on our trip to Texas, so I’m just hoping that whatever we come up with will complete at least three parts of our home. (To be clear, “parts” can even mean a corner or vignette…I’m being reasonable here!)

4. Paint three new paintings. Painting is my new thing. I’ve been SO excited about it lately. I’ve painted a few new pieces for the house, and I’m hoping to do three more this month! (More on this later this week!)

So there you have it! For me, March is going to be all about creative endeavors and quality time. What are you looking forward to this month? Whatever it is, do it big!