Black on Black

A trend that I’ve been digging lately is all black outfits. I’ve pinned so many of them, and I just think there’s something super sleek (and courageous) about wearing black on black. This isn’t a trend that I’d recommend for the fashionably conservative because there are a few “tricks” involved. However, I think practically anyone can pull of this look with just a little effort.

I think the trick here is to be sure to layer different textures or weights of fabric. For example, wear leather with cotton or a thicker knit with silk. If you layer multiple black cottons or similar fabrics, you could end up looking like a tired and angry art teacher. You also want to be sure none of your black items are too faded, unless it’s a distressed denim that’s intended to look that way. When pairing black with black, it’s important that all of the blacks look fresh and crisp. Here are some of my favorite black on black looks from around the Internet. These show a good mix of ways to rock the trend and mix fabrics appropriately! (Sources are provided at the bottom.)

Black on Black (4)Black on Black (2)Black on Black (7)Black on Black (9)Black on Black (3)Black on Black (8)

What do you think? Think you’d feel comfortable wearing black on black? I think with the right fabrics and accessories, this could be a super easy and timeless look for anyone. I’m off to look at my options!

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