August Goals

AugustI’ve taken a bit of a break from setting monthly goals lately and it’s been a much needed recess. I think it’s important to notice when you need to hit the pause button and to respect the natural ebb and flow of your priorities. I needed a bit of time to readjust and choose what my focus was going to be. After giving myself a few months to just be, I’m walking away with a bit more clarity on what I’d like to work towards right now.

That being said, I’m setting some goals for August, and I’m happy to be back on the goal-setting wagon. Here’s what I’m hoping to do this month:

  1. Attempt watercolor. I bought the supplies over a month ago and I’ve been a bit scared to dive in. Ann Marie shared a link to a free watercolor video done by Michael’s, and I watched the entire thing at 4:00 am when I couldn’t sleep. I can’t wait to try it now! (There are a few different free tutorial videos there that you might like to see. They’re only free through August 22 though, so be sure to check them out quickly!)
  2. Start doing video. Doing videos has been on my mental list for a while. I’m a bit nervous to get started because I know the amount of work that’s involved. I’m not a huge fan of video editing and I don’t like to hear my own voice, so I’ve been subconsciously avoiding getting started. However, I’ve put it off for too long and it’s time to either do it…or don’t. I suppose we’ll know my decision by the end of the month! Speaking of video, I’m now on Periscope. If you’re there too, follow me @PamelaPetrus!
  3. Decide yes or no. This one is going to be a bit vague, and I apologize for that. I’ve been toying around with an important business idea for a little over a month now, and I really need to decide whether I’m going to take the leap or not. I don’t like to sit and stew over things for months and months. For my own peace of mind, I need to decide whether I’m going to do it or move on. I hope to firmly make that decision in the coming weeks.
  4. Share a “currently” home feature. It’s been one year since we bought our home! I’ve felt a bit down and out about how many projects still remain unfinished (or not even started). However, after looking through the before photos, I realized how far we’ve come. We still have miles to go before we sleep (yes, that’s Robert Frost), yet I think I should take time to celebrate the progress. Sharing before/after photos tends to make me crazily nervous. I never really feel “finished” so I tend to not share. I saw something online recently that showed before, during, and “much better” photos. I feel way more comfortable with the concept of “much better” than “done,” so I’m hoping to share a big progress report this month. Please hold me to that!
  5. Move more slowly in the mornings. I’m learning that I need a bit of extra time to get going in the morning. Days where I move slowly and do something for myself before starting my work day feel heavenly. I want to give myself a bit of freedom and create more days like this for myself. Some days it’ll mean that I rise a bit earlier. Some days I’ll start work later. Either way, I’m hoping to protect my mornings this month and to see how that affects my overall day.

It honestly feels quite nice to be back in the goal-setting circuit. I knew that I needed a break, and I’m thankful to have had it. I couldn’t set goals when my mind felt so foggy and full. I’m feeling a bit more clear now though, so I’m charging forward to bigger and better things.

Do you have anything you’d like to work towards this month? Let’s talk about it!

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