A Quick & Easy Spring Wreath

It was past time for a new, spring wreath, so I finally reserved some time to throw something together. I snagged this green, berry wreath at Hobby Lobby after Christmas for less than $10. (It was $60 regular price.) Even though it was a holiday wreath, I immediately thought of spring when I saw it.

Green berry wreath

floral fabricI decided to tie on some springy, floral fabric to spruce it up a bit. To do so, I cut a small 1″ slit and then pulled both ends of the fabric to tear long strips. I could have cut the strips, but I wanted it to look tattered and irregular. Then, I just cut 4-5″ pieces from the long strips to tie to my wreath.

tearing fabric into stripsstrips of fabricfabric for wreath I also added a burlap bow and ribbon. I used a zip tie to attach the bow, because I like to be able to take bits and pieces off and reuse them for other projects. (This bow came from my January/February wreath.) To add the ribbon through the wreath, I tied one end of the ribbon to the back side and hid the knot behind the bow. After weaving it through the wreath, I tied the other end on the other side of bow and tucked it away. After securing the bow and ribbon, I tied the strips of fabric on in alternating colors to fill the empty spaces around the ribbon. Finally, I tied a piece of spare fabric for a hanger.

zip tie for bowtying ribbon to wreathfloral fabric on wreathhidden wreath hanger

New Spring Wreath!And there you have it! After hanging it on the door, I think it might look a little too much like an Easter wreath. I’ll give it a week or so of hanging there while I decide if I it needs to be reworked or not. What do you think??

2 thoughts on “A Quick & Easy Spring Wreath”

  1. I think it’s adorable! If it were mine, I would have added small flowers instead of the ribbon. Maybe some gypso or queen anne’s lace? Something delicate for spring but a different texture to the berries. And I LOVE the burlap. Too cute!

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