Playdoh. at pamelapetrus.comOne evening I was sitting and scrolling through my blog reader as I often do when I have a few spare moments. As usual, I read through several posts, each speaking to and encouraging me in some way. Usually though, muddled among the truly inspirational, thought-provoking pieces, is a post about *insert random DIY project or facial cleanser that I’ll never make or use*. Today, however, post after post was directly related to my current state of mind. Each post that I read echoed the feeling I’d had lately. As I finished each one, I nodded in approval and felt like the writer was writing just for me. They understood. They could relate.

Let’s talk about where these posts led me. I sat there reading these posts about big dreams and life changing moments, and I couldn’t help but be overcome by the sense of uncertainty that I’ve felt. Matthew and I have talked time and time again about how this feeling must be coming from this definitive time in our lives. We’re at a weird age where things change and settle down all at the same time. It’s exciting and fun yet also strictly weird. However, I can’t help but wonder if it’s more than that. One of the posts talks about a lump of playdoh that’s being molded in your mind and that fantastic moment that comes when you get it just right. I wonder, what am I making my playdoh into?

You see, I have big, new exciting plans on the horizon. Sometimes I think that one of these are my “next big thing” and then sometimes I wonder if it’s entirely something else. Sometimes I wonder if it’ll ever feel quite right and then sometimes I think I have it all figured out. Honestly, I’m not sure what the state of my playdoh is, though I do know that we all need to spend time molding our masterpieces.

I’m very, very close to “revealing” what’s next for me. Soon, I’ll announce something new and you’ll get a glimpse into the projects molding in my mind. Are these ideas the “final projects” that I make with my dough? I’m not yet sure. Do I need to allow myself more time to think and dream in peace in order to mold them into a more suitable reality? Absolutely. For now, I’ll continue to think. I’ll continue to dream and consider multiple possibilities. I’ll mold the playdoh in my mind until finally I’ve created that beautiful work of art that feels “just right.”

Thinking a bit about something? Dreaming about something? Reserve some time to think in quiet. Reserve some time to consider all the possibilities. This is when our wildest dreams become a reality and we uncover beautiful projects that we love.

P.S. Another one of the inspirational posts I read. 

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